The amount of income from electricity generated by the incinerator has dropped dramatically.

The net income from electricity generated at the Braddan facility amounted to £925,440.15 in 2013-14.

But in 2017-18 that fell to £609,498.47. In 2016-17, the figure was £779,137.90.

Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer revealed the figures in a written response to a House of Keys question tabled by Rob Callister (Onchan).

Replying to a further question from Mr Callister, the minister revealed that, during 2017-18, 50,829.6 tonnes of waste was incinerated in the primary incinerator and 243.32 tonnes of waste in the secondary incinerator.

The cost for local authorities for using the incinerator is rising by 5,7% – significantly higher than the rate of inflation, which is currently running at 2.6%.

Source: IoMToday