Politicians have spent most of this afternoon debating clauses and amendments to the legislation

Assisted dying legislation will not be put to a public vote after calls for a referendum were narrowly defeated.

Ayre and Michael MHK Alfred Cannan wanted to give the Manx public the final say on whether a law – allowing terminally ill people to request assistance to end their own lives – should go ahead.

He was unsuccessful in the House of Keys today (1 July).

The 11 MHKs who wanted to see a referendum were: Rob Callister, Alfred Cannan, Claire Christian, Ann Corlett, Julie Edge, Tim Glover, Kate Lord-Brennan, Jason Moorhouse, Andrew Smith, Chris Thomas and John Wannenburgh.

The 12 MHKs who voted against a referendum were: Alex Allinson, Clare Barber, Daphne Caine, Tim Crookall, Joney Faragher, Michelle Haywood, Lawrie Hooper, Tim Johnston, Sarah Maltby, Stu Peters, Jane Poole-Wilson and Juan Watterson.

The Assisted Dying Bill will now continue on the same pathway as any other piece of legislation.

Source: manxradio.com