Alf CannanChief Minister faces questions about tribunal case in Tynwald

The chief minister insists he didn’t instruct the Department of Health and Social Care to pursue a high court appeal in relation to an employment tribunal, but he did offer an opinion.

Alfred Cannan was asked about his role in the decision to challenge the tribunal’s request for evidence from a legal representative in relation to the Dr Rosalind Ranson case.

Douglas South MHK Claire Christian was given the go-ahead to ask the question, despite having initially been told her query would be sub judice.

In Tynwald, Mr Cannan confirmed the then-Health Minister Rob Callister sought advice from the Council of Ministers as he was unclear as to whether the appeal should go ahead.

Because of the filing deadline, Mr Cannan says there wasn’t time to seek a view from CoMin, but he did share his thoughts with the DHSC.

Mr Callister asked the chief minister to confirm he, as the then-health minister, wasn’t included in that correspondence – Mr Cannan agreed he hadn’t included Mr Callister in the email.

Mr Cannan also told the court he did not instruct the DHSC to appoint law firm Callin Wild, who represented the department in the appeal.

He says while he did share a personal view with the department, he doesn’t have the power to order such an appeal: