Election Blog – House of Keys 2016 Week 4 – Part 2

2022-08-10T18:06:48+01:0017 July 2016|

Election Blog“Canvassing” up to Sunday 17th July 2016

Thursday 14th July
My normal sleeping patten has finally returned, long may it continue. I actually slept for around 7 hours uninterrupted before Monty decided he needed my full attention at 5.45am.

Started the day by drafting some […]

Election Blog – House of Keys 2016 Week 3

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Election Blog“First Manx Radio Interview” up to Sunday 10th July 2016

Thursday 7th July
Wide awake at 4am, but it wasn’t nerves that kept me awake but the questions that might or might not be asked and then practising my responses in my head.

My first […]

Election Blog – House of Keys 2016 Week 2

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Election Blog“Letter of Introduction & Negative Press” up to Wednesday 6th July 2016

Friday 1st July
A day off work enabled me to focus on my Letter of Introduction and to make some small adjustments before giving the printers the go ahead.

Over the last two […]

Election Blog – House of Keys 2016 Week 1

2022-08-10T18:06:07+01:001 July 2016|

Election BlogIt isn’t until you put your name forward that you realise the scale of the task required when standing for the House of Keys General Election.

The pressures, the nerves, the costs, not to mention the physical work, tasks and decisions that need […]

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