Speech on MLC’s in Departments

2024-04-18T10:51:36+01:0018 April 2024|

tynwaldThank you Mr. President

Over the past 10 years there have been various reviews undertaken and reports published in respect of the functioning of Tynwald, but importantly the role to be undertaken by Members of Legislative Council who are not publicly elected by the […]

Review of the Members’ Standards

2024-04-18T10:44:47+01:0018 April 2024|

tynwaldThank you Mr. President,  

My contribution today in respect of the Tynwald Members’ Standards report is not about me personally or about the various investigations and enquiries that I have had to deal with over past the 18 months….


Gaza Ceasefire – April 2024 – Tynwald

2024-04-18T10:39:18+01:0018 April 2024|

Thank you Mr President 

I stand in support of the Motion on the Order Paper here today…..

Partly, because I am extremely disappointed in the way that the House of Commons has voted and debated on this particular issue […]

December 2023 – Speech on Homelessness Strategy

2023-12-21T09:52:31+00:0020 December 2023|

Housing developmentThank you Mr President

I thank the Chairman of the Housing and Communities Board for its Homelessness Strategy (2023-28) report. 

As I mentioned in October, becoming homeless, or even the fear that this could potentially occur to someone […]

December 2023 – Speech on Bishop’s Vote

2023-12-21T09:37:02+00:0029 November 2023|

Bishop of Isle of ManThank you Mr. Speaker 

In accordance with Standing Order 3.29, I would like to move an adjournment in respect of the Isle of Man Constitution Bill 2023…..until such time that this draft legislation has gone through […]


2023-11-14T11:11:32+00:0013 October 2023|

hospitalThank you Mr President,

Our ‘Island Plan’ has an objective to “address how waiting times and access to health and social care services can be improved as a priority” – and this motion for consideration here today directly supports that goal.


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