Dog walkerPeople will now be allowed to walk the dog of someone who is self-isolating.

Updated guidance on the matter has been shared by Onchan MHK Rob Callister, which states if someone is collecting and walking the dog of someone in quarantine they must not come into close contact with the owner or any other household members or go into the home.

The advice also states once you’ve finished walking the dog to, where possible, leave the animal in an area where the owners aren’t present such as a yard, garden or shed.

Leads and collars should be sanitised on collection and return and the pet should be under control at all times, preferably on a lead, to reduce the risk of coming into close contact with others.

Officials also urge to be aware that taking anything (dog, laundry, any other object) from a house where people with Coronavirus or are at risk of having the illness are self-isolating creates a risk of further transmission.

Source: 3FM