assisted dyingMHKs voted to form the group yesterday

The architect of an Assisted Dying Bill for the Isle of Man will sit on a committee to examine the clauses of the proposed legislation.

That’s despite Ramsey MHK Alex Allinson saying he didn’t want one to be formed.

Yesterday (8 November) MHKs voted in favour of creating the committee after a lengthy debate in the House of Keys on the topic.

It was an idea from Onchan MHK Rob Callister which was held over from last week.

He believes there are a number of issues which would be best analysed by a committee:

The committee will now consider the clauses of the bill and report back to the House by the end of February 2024.

The group will consist of: David Ashford, Rob Callister, Alex Allinson, Michelle Haywood and Lawrie Hooper.

The committee suggestion was supported by many including Douglas North MHK David Ashford who said this is a bill which needs to be right, not rushed:

But it wasn’t something Dr Allinson necessarily agreed with:

Ramsey MHK Lawrie Hooper rose to speak in his role as health minister, seeking to reassure members that this is legislation that couldn’t be quickly implemented either way, regardless of a committee’s input:

A separate amendment from Rushen MHK Michelle Haywood opening the committee up to the entire house was ultimately squashed.

So, what did Mr Callister make of the House’s decision to vote in favour of his motion?

John Moss caught up with him after the sitting: