Dr John Taylor’s application to install three photovoltaic trackers has been approved by planners.

The trackers tilt to increase the amount of solar power they capture.

They will be installed in a field on Douglas Road in Ballasalla.

Despite being able to capture “50,989 KW/Hrs per year”, planners were told the application is only for a domestic purpose, despite the concerns of objectors.

Objectors also criticised the impact the panels will have on the area both for a visibility and environmental perspective and said Dr Taylor had “not demonstrated they won’t impact the airport”.

Each tracker is made up of 36 panels. The panels measure 1.82sqm each, in total each tracker has a total area of 65.52 sqm

However, a representative for Dr Taylor said the power would only be used to power his fully electric house, while also allowing the installation of electric charging points.

The committee said they were surprised by the amount of power the panels could generate and queried whether this was really needed for a domestic property.

Chair Rob Callister MHK said it was an “incredible” amount of electricity and commented that it seemed to be an “excessive amount of power”.

However, planner Matthew Warren said while he had issues with the size of the panels, he said “we should try new things” to provide sources of energy.

Planners approved the plans by four votes to one.

Source: manx.news