Chris Thomas MHK to appear in Onchan

Residents in the east of the Island have the opportunity to discuss the ongoing review of the Island’s rates system at a drop-in session this weekend.

The Cabinet Office launched a consultation on modernising the Island’s current rates system last month (28 Feb), which remains open until 21 April.

The rates payable for all island properties are currently based on a 1969 valuation system, but they could soon be based on aerial photographs and measurements using laser equipment.

Some have advocated an all-island rate or additional discounts for single occupancy.

The MUA sets its rate for the island as a whole, but the majority of costs are set by local authorities, in order to deliver local amenities – that means charges can differ hugely depending on where you live.

Local authorities also oversee starkly different demographics – for example, 87% of Onchan Commissioners’ rates income is generated from domestic properties rather than non-domestic, whereas towards the other end of the scale, just 27% of Bride’s income is from domestic properties.

On Saturday (30 Mar) from 10am until noon, Rob Callister MHK will be joined by Policy and Reform Minister Chris Thomas at the Onchan Community Hub to answer any questions on the topic.

Source: Manx Radio