Election Blog“Letter of Introduction, done” up to Sunday 7th August 2016

Friday 5th August
Today was just normal working Friday, woke up at 6.30am and checked out the usual websites and social media. Completed my paper round and managed to get into the office for 8.20am.

Around 10am we enjoyed the usual Sausage Bap and mug of coffee provided by work and spent lunchtime going through my 3FM notes ahead my interview tomorrow morning.

Arrive home at 17.45 to find that the envelopes have arrived, all 2,750 of them.

No canvassing tonight, so we took the opportunity to watch a movie from Apple TV. Most Friday nights is normally an opportunity for us to switch off and watch a good film or a box set. To date we have watched every episode of the X-Files, West Wing, Morse etc and at the moment we are watching Deadliest Catch Series 6 when there isn’t any good films to watch.

Saturday 6th August
Awake for 6am and I took the opportunity to go through my notes for my 3FM interview at 9am.

I arrived at the new 3FM radio station at 8.50am, which has now relocated to Skanco Court, Cooil Road, Braddan and I was met by Tessa Hawley, Head of News and taken straight into the studio.

Again, I wasn’t nervous and the interview, which was also videoed, lasted around 20 minutes.

Back home for 10am, unfortunately the documents haven’t arrived from the printers so I spent the morning fighting with my lawnmower. In the end I gave up and ordered a new part at a cost just £25, why didn’t I think of that last week!

I spent the rest of Saturday researching and going through my manifesto notes.

Sunday 7th August
No canvassing today, but again I spent around 5 hours going through all my election notes and research, and making some small adjustments and changes to ensure that my manifesto has the right tone, input and topic.

I also took the opportunity to watch a little bit of the Olympics in the afternoon, which started yesterday as I was typing up some draft speeches. Strange that the only Olympics available was the Beach Volley, I believe Brazil was playing France, but I wasn’t paying much attention.

Ellen and I also met up with my mum for tea at JAKS, which was very nice.

I guess this week can be best described as a calm or quiet week, and still enough time to put my feet up before another week starts tomorrow.