Election Blog“This takes the Biscuit” up to Sunday 4th September 2016

Friday 2nd September
After another terrible night’s sleep, I finally gave up trying at 5.30am.

I went through the normal Friday routine, checking websites and social media, completed my paper round before arriving in the office at 8.20am. I also had to make a quick call to the Sawmill in St John’s, along with scanning several documents to the printers before my day could really start.

The morning went relatively quickly, stopping only for the usual Sausage Bap and mug of coffee at 10am, but I also received a phone call from a Garff Candidate relating to a Section found within the Representation of the People Act 1995.

This unfortunately meant several phone calls to the Cabinet Office, along with an exchange of e-mails. Basically, House of Keys Candidates are not allowed before, during or after an election to offer refreshments or biscuits to Constituents, it is illegal and individuals could find themselves going to jail for up to two years – crazy I know………

At lunchtime I met up with my good friend Alex Toohey for lunch at Bar George, which involved the usual Duck Wrap and Sweet Potatoes – fantastic.

Thereafter the afternoon went a little slow and I finished work at 17.30.

I spent the evening doing several small jobs that needed doing along with watching a film with Ellen.

Saturday 3rd September
Wide awake for 4.50am so I started to write up this week’s blog, along with several postings.

I got up 6.30am and went out stick two election posters up and around the village. Once home I got stuck straight into my envelopes and address labels, which took me until around 9.15am to finish – another election job ticked of the list.

Despite the rain, Ellen and I decided to go into town for breakfast, which wasn’t on my list of things to do today but always very enjoyable.

The rest of the day and part of the evening was election stuff. I sent several emails which I received over the last days but didn’t get an opportunity to respond yet. I then completed a questionnaire relating to the Isle of Man Football Association and its application to join UEFA.

The rest of the afternoon and part of the evening was taken up by completing the IOM Newspaper Political Questionnaire that must be submitted by 8th September.

It does surprise me how long these questionnaires actually take to complete, as you have to carefully think of each question before giving your answers. I always try to give an honest answer to each question, as you will be held by those views, opinions and answers for many years to come and if you have made a false or rushed answer then you will be found out.

Sunday 4th September
Up and about for 9.30am, I certainly needed some extra sleep after yesterday.

First task for the day was to finish writing this week’s blog, along with finishing my IOM Newspaper questionnaire before submitting it. I then turned my attention to local authority items and my agenda pack for tomorrow’s Onchan Commissioners meeting.

After lunch continued to prepare my speeches for Tuesday and Thursday, along with trying to sort my Polling Agents for the Election Day.

I spent the rest of the day just relaxing ahead of another long week ahead.