Election Blog “When Things Go Wrong” up to Sunday 11th September 2016

Friday 9th September
Wide awake this morning from 5.30am, still very angry and stressed about the events of Wednesday afternoon, and it just shows the pressure Candidates and businesses are under during a general election – only time will tell if the relationships can be rebuilt.

Unfortunately, my own election timeline of getting out and speaking to Constituents again for the second time has gone out of the window.

I went through the normal Friday routine, checking websites and social media, completed my paper round before arriving in the office at 8.10am. Stopped to have the usual Sausage Bap and mug of coffee at 10am, I also had an exchange of emails with the Cabinet Office with regards to getting my manifesto online.

Thereafter the afternoon went a little slow and I finished work at 17.30, but the traffic was very heavy tonight and we didn’t get home until 17.55.

Despite the heavy rain, Ellen and I still attended the Garff Constituency meeting being held in Onchan, which was a good night overall, if a little long.

We grabbed a bag of chips on the way home (such a cheap date) before calling it a day at 23.15.

Saturday 10th September
I slept well for a change, I woke up at 7am.

I went straight out to fix my posters that had fallen down during the storm before heading back home for a bacon bap that was certainly needed.

The next two a half hours this morning were spent moving a lorry load of wood that was delivered yesterday, which should keep us warm over the winter months.

The rest of the day and the evening was spent doing election stuff. I sent several long emails which I received over the last days but didn’t get an opportunity to respond to yet.

Sunday 11th September
After a long week, I woke up at 7.15am and headed out to put a new poster up at the bottom of Royal Avenue.

Surprisingly, I met Antony Allen who was also putting up posters around Onchan. It was a good opportunity to make our introductions and to discuss the election campaign so far, along with the pending radio and public meetings.

I got back home for 8.15am and after breakfast I started to look at election speeches and research.

I also posted my election campaign manifesto online, which is a big election moment.

Three months of hard work, finally put to bed.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and chilling out.