Election Blog Week 13“Pushed to the Election Limit” up to Sunday 17th September 2016

Friday 16th September
Neither Ellen or I slept well last night, both of us were wide awake at 3am and 4am.

I went through the normal Friday routine, checking websites and social media, completed my paper round before arriving in the office at 8.20am. The meeting boss in the office hadn’t had any breakfast, so he ordered more Sausage Baps at 10am.

I spent lunchtime answering further emails received over the last 24 hours. I am surprised by the amount of correspondence I have received during this election on various topics, but enjoyed responding to each of them.

Thereafter the afternoon went a little slow and I finished work at 17.20 today as I needed to get to Manx Radio. I arrived at the radio station and Anthony Allen was already there, so we spent a few moments chatting about the election before Julie Edge, Tim Craig and David Quirk arrived.

We were then taken to the studio and the programme started at 18.05 and finished at 19.00, and it was all over in a flash. I certainly missed a few opportunities, and again there is certainly room for improvement in my speech delivery and how I answer questions.

After picking Ellen up from Douglas, we got home for 19.30. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and responding to a couple of emails.

Saturday 17th September
Wide awake for 5am, so I spent a couple of hours writing up this week’s Election Blog.

At 10am I had a meeting with a couple of Constituents who wanted to speak to me before Thursday’s election. The meeting was informative and I certainly learnt a few new things along the way.

After the meeting I called into the garage to collect some petrol for my mower as the grass was about 6inches high. I also had to call into the post office to collect the latest voting registers, which came on 15th September.

Once home I cut the grass and spent the afternoon going the voting lists and drafting labels for around 70 properties.

In the evening I put together the manifestos and voting packs ready for delivery.

Sunday 18th September
Up and about for 6am and I started to sort out a delivery pattern to hand deliver the election manifesto packs.

At 7.15am I headed out to deliver the packs and I managed to get most of them delivered by 10.30.

Once home I spent most of the day writing my speech for Tuesday, answering messages and emails, along with undertaking additional research for Tuesday’s public meeting.

Only four days to go……..