Election Blog“Letter of Introduction & Negative Press” up to Wednesday 6th July 2016

Friday 1st July
A day off work enabled me to focus on my Letter of Introduction and to make some small adjustments before giving the printers the go ahead.

Over the last two weeks, I have spent most of my spare time putting together a Letter of Introduction, which isn’t easy first time around.

Printing costs restrict the actual size of the document, and you certainly don’t want to bore constituents with your life story!

This is also the first House of Keys Election that restricts campaign costs to £2,000, plus 50p per registered elector in the relevant constituency, which is excellent news for those Candidates funding their own elections.

I also managed to complete my Manx Radio questionnaire, which took far longer to complete than I first thought.

Download PDF of Manx Radio questionnaire

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd July
Most of the weekend was spent putting together ideas, thoughts and notes for my election manifesto, which will be posted out on September.

As a side issue I also had to spend a considerable number of hours responding to, and drafting emails relating to a press release by the Public Services Commission.

Unfortunately, it also opened my eyes to the fact that this election isn’t going to be easy with some real nasty and unjustified comments being posted online.

In a modern world of social media, all future politicians need to develop a thick skin very quickly.

Monday 4th July
Another day off work, which enabled me to continue putting together some ideas and thoughts. It is surprising how long it takes researching relevant topics and just gathering data.

Tuesday 5th July
Tynwald Day – I normally enjoy this day but not this year, just seemed a little strange.

I spent the morning drafting some Manifesto notes and listening to the Tynwald Ceremony on the radio before heading down to Bishops Court, Kirk Michael in the afternoon.

Spent the evening going through my Waste Management Working Forum Agenda and looking over some old meeting notes.

Wednesday 6th July
First day back in the office, which meant a lot of catching up to do.

I still managed to call into the printers to collect my “letter of introduction”, which will be hand delivered over the next two months.

I left the office slightly earlier than normal, because I needed to be at the Energy from Waste Plant, Braddan by 18.00 for a Waste Management Working Forum Meeting. Finally got home just after 20.00 but my day still wasn’t over.

I watched a few of the previous Manx Radio election videos, in order to get a flavour of the questions that might be asked tomorrow morning.