Election Blog“First Manx Radio Interview” up to Sunday 10th July 2016

Thursday 7th July
Wide awake at 4am, but it wasn’t nerves that kept me awake but the questions that might or might not be asked and then practising my responses in my head.

My first live interview at Manx Radio, which was also being videoed by MTTV and Paul Moulton. I arrived at the station for 7.30am, and I am always greeted with warm smiles and handshakes.

I was escorted up to the studio, which certainly had a different feel than normal. There were three cameras in position and a large spot light just in front of me. In my previous interviews, it was just the presenter and myself, but not on this occasion as the room felt full. There was James Davis, Catherine Nicoll, Tanya Maria Humbles, Paul Moulton and Mark O’Connor.

The interview was quick and within five minutes it was all over. To be honest, I wasn’t nervous but I did regret a few of the words I used, but there is nothing I can do now.

In the office for 8am and after a long a day got home for 17.45pm.

Just time to change before starting my election canvassing.

Strange that in the 2011 local authority by-election, the timeframe didn’t allow me an opportunity to knock on any doors, I just had to hand deliver all 3,993 manifestos within 23 days, which wasn’t easy.

The 2012 and 2016 local authority elections were both uncontested, so I have never actually knocked on a door during an election campaign.

The hardest part was where to start and what wording I would use to introduce myself. I managed to get an hour of campaigning completed before it started to rain, which meant I was back home by 19.15.

It is an interesting experience knocking on someone’s door asking them for support, but the overall the experience is fantastic, calming and an opportunity to listen to someone else’s concerns for a change.

Friday 8th July
Still not sleeping well, awake at 2am with the Manx Radio interview still playing over and over in my head. There were sections of the interview I certainly wish I could have changed, especially the ending.

Separate issues concerning Onchan Commissioners, DOI’s Waste Management Forum Group and election ideas running around my head certainly haven’t helped with my sleep patterns recently.

After a long day in the office, just enough time for a quick change of clothes before heading out for a quick hour of canvassing before getting home at 19.30.

Saturday 9th July
The poor weather stopped any plans of me getting out and around Onchan early this morning, so I took the opportunity to type up some Manifesto notes. I still managed to get a couple of hours of campaigning done in the afternoon.

A number of topics were discussed on the door step today, but it was the government’s decision to remove free TV licences for the 75’s that has really hit a raw nerve.

Spent the evening typing up some election notes and highlighting the withdrawal of the free TV licences for over 75’s.

Sunday 10th July
No election campaigning today, the morning was spent reviewing my Agenda pack for Monday’s Onchan Commissioners meeting, writing these Blogs and researching Briexit, Pensions and the island’s Health Service. In the afternoon it was Onchan’s Civic Service, which is always an excellent opportunity to catch up with colleagues from other local authorities.

Sunday evening gave me some down time before another busy week starts tomorrow.