Election Blog“Canvassing” up to Wednesday 13th July 2016

Monday 11th July
I can’t remember the last time I actually got 6 or 7 hours uninterrupted sleep, it must be at least six or seven weeks ago. Last night I still woke up at 2am, 4am and finally 6am.

Ever since I was elected as an Onchan Commissioner my day normally now starts around 6am with checking and responding to any E-mails and Facebook messages, along with checking all the local media sites at 6.30am (Manx Radio) and 7am (IOM Online, Manx.Net and Three FM).

I also try and listen to the first half of Manx Radio’s Mandate Programme and arrive in the office at around 8am, in order to ensure that I can leave the office on time at 17.30.

I don’t normally take lunches unless I have a meeting or I am meeting someone for lunch, usually at Bar George. Highly recommend the Duck Wrap and Sweet Potatoes!

If I am in the office, I normally sit at my desk checking mail, sending messages or researching topics whilst eating rice, tuna and soy sauce.

Today’s lunchtime routine unfortunately was interrupted as I needed to read some urgent legal documents and draft several notes before tonight’s Commissioners meeting.

Got home 17.40, which gave me just enough time to put together 35 election information packs, which will go out to some addresses that I know don’t have letterboxes.

Dropped off a few additional election Introduction Letters before arriving at the Commissioners offices for 18.45. Fortunately, the Commissioners meeting finished a little earlier than normal, so I was home for 21.20.

Quick look at the usual local sites and news items, a telephone call with my older brother Pete who will be heading back to the island for the General Election in September. Just enough time to send a couple of e-mails, draft today’s Blog and calling it a day at 22.45.

Tuesday 12th July
This strange sleeping patten continues, logged onto IOMONLINE at 3.15am and read this week’s Isle of Man Examiner but managed to get back to sleep at 4.25am.

Had the usual fight with our Cat (“Monty”) at around 5am because he is either cold, needs biscuits or he simply because he enjoys giving me a hard time.

In the office for 8.15am, a very busy day with my MD on holiday all this week. That said, I still managed to listen to James Davis interviewing Chris Thomas, MHK. What a brilliant interview, and Davis certainly had Thomas on the ropes a few times.

Got home for 17.45, just enough time to get changed and hit the streets of Onchan for 18.00 for 90 minutes of canvassing.

I am surprised by how much I actually enjoy canvassing on the doorstep, everyone I have met so far has been pleasant and polite. The strange thing is that most conversations last only a few minutes, a quick introduction, hand over the literature and move on, which is about all the time you have as it will take me around 2 months to knock on around 3,000 doors.

On occasion constituents want to engage a little further and start asking additional questions, which is fantastic and gives me opportunity to discuss their concerns. Tonight’s topics ranged from the Hospital, Health Care, Onchan’s Rates and the Toilet Tax.

Got home just in time to watch the Channel 4 News (+1) at 20.00, which continues to show the meltdown of British Politics as David Cameron prepares to hand over power to Theresa May.

Sent a few messages before calling it a night at 21.20

Wednesday 13th July
A victory of sorts this morning, as I managed sleep until 5.20am and then until 7am, which was much needed.

In the office for 8am, another busy day but I still managed to listen to Roger Watterson interviewing John Houghton, MHK.

My lunch hour was taken up by drafting emails to the IOM Courts of Justice regarding voting lists and also contacting the Isle of Man Post Office re. postage charges for my Manifesto, which will be going out early September.

Got home for 17.40, a quick change and hit the streets of Onchan for 17.55 for a further 90 minutes of canvassing.

Got home again just in time to watch the Channel 4 News (+1) at 20.00. I don’t normally watch the news on TV, I just read the headlines from the BBC or Sky websites. However, the Brexit vote and the change of Prime Minister in the UK makes exciting news at the moment.

I sent off three e-mails regarding matters brought up by Constituents this evening, before calling it a night at 21.10.