Election Blog“Manx Radio 2” up to Wednesday 20th July 2016

Monday 18th July
Today was the nearest thing to a normal day.

It started around 6am with checking and responding to any e-mails and facebook messages, along with checking all the local media sites at 6.30am (Manx Radio) and 7am (IOM Online, Manx.Net and Three FM).

I spent my lunchtime putting together an information pack in respect of local authority housing and first time buyers government schemes for a Constituent, along with looking into election postage further.

Got home for 17.40, a quick change and hit the streets of Onchan for 17.55 for a further two hours of canvassing.

Also dropped off correspondence to a Constituent re. parking concerns in lower Onchan, and I am very grateful to Phil Gawne, MHK for his input.

Got home for 20.10, sent a couple of e-mails and called it a day at 20.55.

Tuesday 19th July
Today was a lazy day really, I woke up at 6am and read the Isle of Man Examiner online, along with the usual local sites.

Got into work just after 8am and I spent my lunch hour reviewing CVs and writing some questions and notes before Thursday’s meeting with my fellow Commissioners.

Still managed to listen to most of the Tynwald throughout the day.

No canvassing tonight because I needed to call into the post office, but mainly because the weather was far too hot and I needed to type up several notes for my second Election interview with Manx Radio on Thursday lunchtime.

Listened to Tynwald until 21.00 and then called it a night.

Wednesday 20th July
No sleep at all last night, the weather was just too hot, not to mention the thunder and lighting from around 3am.

In the office for 8.15am, a very busy day preparing for a client visit tomorrow, which isn’t perfect timing because I will need to leave halfway through the meeting to go up to Manx Radio.

Got home for 17.35, just enough time to get changed and hit the streets of Onchan for 17.45 and a further two hours of canvassing.

I didn’t cover the usual ground tonight, but on the plus side most people I to spoke to had questions, which are always welcome.

One lady asked a simple question, why should an elderly person with a medical condition have to get three or even four buses just to get to Noble’s Hospital? It certainly is a fair question that deserves an honest answer from this government.

Other topics that were discussed tonight included speed limits around the village, parking and Onchan’s rates.

Sent a few messages before calling it a night at 21.20