Election Blog“Election Pressures” up to Wednesday 27th July 2016

Monday 25th July
Despite a couple of fights with Monty (the “Cat”) I slept until 6.45am this morning, which was much needed.

My day started as normal with me checking and responding to any e-mails and facebook messages, along with checking all the local media sites.

Thereafter, my day slowly went down hill and it certainly didn’t go to plan. With people on holiday, the office workload has certainly increased so I didn’t take a lunch break in order to ensure that I can finish at 17.30.

We also dropped the car off at the garage for a regular service today but received a call informing us that the part needed had to be ordered. This meant no car and choice of a 50 minute walk home or a taxi!

In the end we walked home, and having no car it also meant I couldn’t get to tonight’s Onchan Commissioners meeting, which would have required a further 35 minute walk each way. It think it is only the third Commissioners meeting I have missed over a four year period.

I took the rest of the night off and watched some TV.

Tuesday 26th July
Woke up around 6am and read the Isle of Man Examiner online, along with the usual local sites.

With no car we had to leave the house just after 7am this morning, in order to walk the 50 minutes into the office. I will also point out that it was Ellen’s choice as I was in favour of getting a taxi, but it was a nice morning for a walk.

Worked straight through from 8.10am to 17.15 before Ellen collected the car from the garage. Got home for 17.35 and I was certainly in two minds as to whether to go out canvassing tonight because of the pending weather forecast.

In the end I pushed myself outside and completed a further two hours of canvassing, and again I met some great people which makes it all worth it.

There was also an interesting debate online when I got home about canvassing and knocking on doors during this election. One individual felt that any Candidates with full time jobs should use up holidays, in order to canvass correctly.

I think most Local Authority elected representatives have already used up numerous holidays attending local and government meetings over the last 12 months.

There is certainly a big difference between sitting MHKs canvassing after August and those new Candidates seeking election for the first time, and having to fulfil a full time job with family life, along with the local authority duties and responsibilities if they are already elected on a local level.

From my own experience, teatime is a good time for canvassing, as people are at home, but at the same time they are also busy, so the amount of time spent on each doorstep is restricted. Sounds unfair, but actually the time is about right. In Onchan there are around 2,700 houses and a lot of door knocking.

I got home for 20.10 and listened to a couple of Manx Radio interviews before falling asleep just after 21.30.

Wednesday 27th July
Despite sleeping well, I still woke up feeling tired and a stressed. The number of election tasks that need to be completed are starting to stack up, and time appears to be getting quicker as the election date of 22nd September looms ever closer.

Up to this point I have been ahead during this election campaign, but canvassing each night has stopped me from completing my manifesto, drafting posters and writing several speeches that are required in the coming weeks. That said, canvassing does clear the mind, it is enjoyable and it is a task that must be done.

In the office for 8.10am and after another very busy day I finally got home for 17.45, which just left enough time to get changed and hit Onchan village for 18.00 and a further 90 minutes of canvassing.

Topics that were discussed tonight included Pensions and the Birch Hill Telecommunications Mast, which is currently on appeal.

I think today is the first time during this election campaign that I am having second thoughts as elements of doubt creep in. I came home tonight from canvassing feeling tired, stressed and worried that my best just might not be good enough when the votes are counted.

Positive comments certainly give you a lift as a Candidate, but any negative comments seem to take longer to recover from.

Sent a few messages before calling it a night at 21.30