Election Blog“Election Pressures” up to Sunday 31st July 2016

Thursday 28th July
I woke up at 6am still feeling tired and stressed. The pressures of this election process together with pressures at work and home are certainly starting to hit home.

At 6.30am the news started to break that the Chief Minister (Alan Bell) will not be seeking re-election in September. I always felt that if Eddie Teare didn’t secure the role of President of Tynwald, Mr. Bell would step down after 40 years serving this island.

The Isle of Man will now certainly see a major change in political representation after the vote is counted. I feel the time is right for a new generation of MHKs to take this island forward – I can only hope that I am part of that administration on 23rd September 2016.

In the office for 8.15am and after another very busy nine hours behind the desk, I managed to get home for 17.50.

Our monthly IOM Municipal Association meeting was being held tonight, but gave my apologies in order do a little more canvassing.

Unfortunately, the weather finally got the better of me tonight but I still managed to fit in 90 minutes of canvassing before getting home just after 19.30.

Completed some personal tasks along with looking through a 3FM questionnaire I received today before calling it a day at 20.00

Friday 29th July
I slept right through until 7am this morning, which must be a record for me in recent weeks.

After checking the usual website and social media, I sorted out my paper round and managed to get into the office for 8.15am.

Enjoyed my usual Sausage Bap and mug of coffee provided by work at 10am. Sitting eating my breakfast this morning, I suddenly realised that I haven’t actually had a proper hot meal since the election campaign started.

Yes, I have dry toast in the morning (expect Friday), tuna & rice for lunch and a sandwich when I finally get home, but I haven’t actually had something cooked in the oven and then enjoyed it whilst watching “pointless” or the “news” or just sitting around the dining table since this election process started.

Today’s lunchtime was spent completing 3FMs radio questionnaire that needs to be completed by Monday, as my interview is scheduled to take place on Saturday 6th August at 9am.

I was home for 17.40, a quick change and then out again canvassing for just over two hours.

Home for 20.15 – time to switch off and relax until tomorrow.

Saturday 30th July
Not a great night for sleep, I was wide awake for 5am, so I took the opportunity to continue writing this week’s Blog.

Hit the canvassing trail at 9.40am and like last week, I didn’t start knocking on the doors until after 10.30am.

The first thirty minutes was spent with one Constituent who I knew would have questions for me.

I still managed to do four and half hours of canvassing and the end of this task is almost in sight. If the weather stays dry I should deliver my last letter of introduction by Wednesday next week.

I got back home for just after 2pm again very tired and sunburned.

Lots of long discussions with people today, but TV licences, Manx Gas and more accountability from our elected representatives were all mentioned today.

I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon trying to fix my lawnmower, and after an hour the lawnmower was in ten pieces – I will try again tomorrow.

Sunday 31st July
No canvassing today, we had planned to go to the Southern Show but the morning was spent in the garden cutting hedges, cleaning up and trying to fix my lawnmower. Unfortunately, it seems the lawnmower is beyond repair and after an hour I gave up and put it back in the shed.

I spent the afternoon updating and changing my election Manifesto, which is almost ready to go to the printer, before calling it a day at 16.00.

Time to put my feet up before another hard week starts tomorrow.