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“Outside Interference & Pressures” up to Thursday 11th August 2016

Monday 8th August
47 today – woke up to some very nice birthday cards & gifts from family members.

I am glad I am actually 47 today, because I have been telling people I am 47 since February this year. It was only during a recent radio interview that I realised that was I only 46 and not 47…

Anyway, just enough time to check and respond to any e-mails and facebook messages, along with checking all the local media sites, before getting into the office for 8.20am.

Despite being my birthday, I still managed to work straight through and got home for 17.40. I made and received several phone calls from family and friends, which took the time up to 7pm.

With celebrating my birthday yesterday at JAKS I spent the rest of the evening going through my draft manifesto and making further changes. That said, Ellen did buy me a triple chocolate muffin, which was fantastic, but no candles!

Got finished for 9pm.

Tuesday 9th August
Wide awake at 4am so I took the opportunity to read the Isle of Man Examiner online, along with the usual local sites.

I really wish I hadn’t, there was a further article in the local paper, which is clearly having some serious negative effects on my election campaign. Spent the next hour drafting several emails to the Clerk of Onchan Commissioners and a couple of Government Ministers.

Fell back asleep at 5am until 7am.

In the office for 8.10am and after another very busy day. I finally got home for 17.50. A quick change and I went straight out to get a couple of signatures for my nomination form.

Got back home and listened to a couple of Manx Radio interviews to catch up as I was drafting further notes for my manifesto.

Called it a night at 10am.

Wednesday 10th August
Unusual sleep patterns have returned, wide awake again 3am and then 5am with serious cramp in my left leg, which seems to be happening a lot at the moment.

Today was almost identical to yesterday as I pushed to get my manifesto finished and to a point that I am fully satisfied with. In the office again for 8.10am and after another very busy day I finally got home for 17.50.

Lunchtime today was taken up drafting or redrafting several manifesto sections, along with sending additional emails relating to an ongoing dispute involving Onchan Commissioners.

I spent a couple of hours this evening continuing to go through my draft manifesto and making further changes, I am starting to think the document should be sent to a publisher, and not a printer, given its size.

I am also trying to take this period with no canvassing to recharge my batteries before the real hard work starts over the final 20 days of this election campaign in September.

Thursday 11th August
Wide awake this morning for 5.40am, I have suffered high levels of stress and tiredness this week, and I am certainly reaching my limits of what is acceptable as my confidence as taken a serious battering.

Unfortunately, none of this relates directly to my House of Keys Campaign or to my day to day job, but relates to my role as an Onchan Commissioner.

Recent articles in Isle of Man newspapers and online have failed to give a balanced and fair view to the people of Onchan, and unfortunately it has been myself that has been singled out for criticism and negative comments, which is clearly affecting my election campaign at the moment.

In the office for 8.15am but I must have wasted well over 90 minutes today having to draft e-mails, making phone calls responding to negative comments posted online regarding matters involving Onchan Commissioners.

Hopefully things will calm down next week when additional information is put into the public domain, but I am feeling frustration that I can’t give my side of the story – yet!

Spent the rest of the evening drafting my introduction for my manifesto.

Called it a night at 21.00.