Election Blog“Nomination Papers” up to Thursday 18th August 2016

Monday 15th August
Awake for 5.45am with a long day ahead.

Checked and responded to any e-mails and facebook messages, along with checking all the local media sites. Listened to most of Manx Radio’s Mandate programme this morning before getting into the office for 8.20am.

Lunchtime was taken up reviewing and going through my agenda pack for tonight’s Onchan Commissioners meeting, which I had already gone through yesterday.

Home for 17.45 and I just had enough time to listen tonight’s candidate interview on Manx Radio before heading into Onchan village. Another long Onchan Commissioners’ meeting that lasted just under 3 hours, still managed to get home just before 22.00.

Sent out a couple of messages and emails before calling it a day at 23.00.

Tuesday 16th August
It’s only from reading these blogs that I have realised that I have become set in my ways, and have a set schedule, route or patten for each day – how strange I have never really noticed it before!

Wide awake at 5am, so I took the opportunity to read the Isle of Man Examiner online, along with the usual local sites.

In the office for 8.15am and after another very busy day I finally got home for 17.45. I spent my lunchtime continuing to make adjustments to my manifesto, which needs to be finished by Friday at the latest.

Listened to the 18.00 Manx Radio interview with another House of Keys Candidate seeking re-election.

Further changes to my manifesto and collecting the photos needed, along with dealing with a Constituent matter, which is extremely difficult to resolve in the short term.

Called it a night at 22.15.

Wednesday 17th August
Terrible night’s sleep, wide awake again 2am, 3.30am and again at 5am.

For some unknown reason today turned out to be the most stressful day of the campaign so far. In the office again for 8.10am but I had a meeting at the offices of Callin Wild at 10.30am to submit my House of Keys nomination paperwork.

I have been stressed over the last week or so due to an ongoing issue at Onchan Commissioners, which hopefully will come to an end this week once further information is put into the public domain.

Anyway, I arrived at the Callin Wild for 10.25am and the whole process was very formal, I only wish I had worn a suit, as I certainly felt underdressed.

I was taken into a boardroom in which there was a returning officer and deputy returning officer, I handed over my nomination paperwork and my passport.

Each name on the nomination paperwork was carefully checked and signed off and I was also given an opportunity to ask some additional questions at the end.

Don’t ask me why but the whole process was extremely stressful, I don’t normally get nervous and certainly not at this level, but there was something surreal about the moment. I am now actually about to stand for election to the House of Keys – I must be mad.

The last time I felt that nervous was about 20 minutes before my wedding in 2006.

After a busy day in the office, I got home for 17.45. I continued to work on the manifesto until 19.30 when Ellen and I went out for a walk before calling it a day 21.30.

Thursday 18th August
Awake this morning from 5.30am, still feeling tired at the moment trying to juggle everything that needs to be done before 22nd September.

In the office for 8.10am and after a long day I got home for 17.40.

Not a lot of time at home, a quick change and headed out to the Isle of Man Municipal Association monthly meeting. Tonight’s guest was Eddie Teare who has attended several meeting in recent years, he is always an excellent guest and always open, frank and honest amongst friends.

I didn’t realise until someone mentioned it tonight, but this could potentially be my last IOM Municipal Association meeting as a board member representing Onchan District Commissioners. That said, I have already invited myself to their AGM next year regardless of the House of Keys General Election.

I have met and become friends with so many people from that Association, I will certainly miss their monthly meetings if I am elected to the House of Keys next month.

Back home for 21.15 and after a few small jobs called it a day at 22.15.