Election Blog“Nomination Papers” up to Sunday 21st August 2016

Friday 19th August
I still can’t shift this tiredness I am suffering from at the moment, wide awake again for 6am.

Went through the usual websites and social media, completed my paper round and went through my manifesto one final time before dropping it off at the printers on the way into the office.

I think most people will need to make a strong coffee and have a spare 30 minutes to read through my manifesto. My manifesto is slightly different and it has certainly taken me a long time to draft, I can only hope that the people of Onchan agree with my thoughts and recommendations.

I have already seen the Chief Minister and one MHK mentioning two of my ideas on the radio this week, what do they say about great minds and all that!

Still managed to get into the office for 8.25am, and like a creature of habit, the usual Sausage Bap and mug of coffee was served at 10am.

After making a quick call to the printers at lunchtime, my focus of attention has now switched from canvassing and my manifesto to drafting several speeches. So I spent lunchtime writing down some ideas and thoughts.

I finished work at 17.30 and promised Ellen a fish supper, so we called into Port Jack Chippy on the way home.

I had to make a few phone calls, but thereafter I spent the evening watching the Olympics………

Saturday 20th August
Up and about for 6am, so I started to write up this week’s blog.

We took the opportunity to go shopping at Tesco at 8.30am, which was surprisingly busy at that time. We called into Capone’s in Strand Street for breakfast, it certainly serves the best breakfast on the island, and one of the cheapest.

Then called into M & S to purchase a couple of new ties and then up to Agrimark, which I haven’t used before. I needed to collect 200 cups, coffee and biscuits for the public meetings being held on 6th & 8th September at the Parish Hall, Royal Avenue, Onchan.

Once I got home, I went straight online to order an additional 12 rosettes for Election Day, just the posters to sort out now.

I spent most of the afternoon starting to draft my public speeches and for Manx Radio, I also phoned a Constituent who was 85, housebound but who wanted to ensure that her views and thoughts were heard, which was fantastic.

In the evening we went to see Oliver at the Gaiety Theatre, which was brilliant and we never get tired of watching and supporting local shows. After the show we went for a drink in Sir Norman’s with some friends before getting home for 23.10.

Sunday 21st August
Up and about for 7am, so I took the opportunity to finish writing this week’s blog.

I put on my trainers and went for a walk this morning with Ellen. It was about six miles into and around Onchan village before heading home in just under 90 minutes.

The afternoon was taken up sorting posters, which ticks another box of things I need to complete before hitting the road in September.

I listened to Manx Radio at lunchtime and the Any Question debate that took place on Friday night.

I spent the rest of the day just relaxing ahead of another long week ahead.