Election Blog“Letter of Introduction, done” up to Thursday 4th August 2016

Monday 1st August
I have always associated August as the start of getting things ready for the Autumn months, which will be drawing in soon.

I am also thinking of selling our cat, another big fight with Monty at 5am all because he didn’t have any biscuits – if only my life could be that simple at the moment!

Started the day with the normal routine of checking and responding to any e-mails and facebook messages, along with checking all the local media sites.

With people still on holiday until 15th August , the office workload continues to increase, but it does mean that the day flys by.

Part of my lunch was taken up again putting together an absent vote & proxy pack, that must be around 10 packs I have sent out so far.

I finally got home for 17.40, which left just enough time to get changed and hit Onchan village for 18.00 and a further two hours of canvassing.

Lots of topics discussed tonight including a clear lack of confidence in the current government, standards in nursing care on the Island, the overall state of Onchan and student tuition fees.

Tuesday 2nd August
Woke up around 6.30am and read the Isle of Man Examiner online, along with the usual local sites.

In the office for 8.10am and after another very busy day. I finally got home for 17.40. Part of my lunchtime was taken up sending out further absent & proxy packs, and I am starting to feel that the whole island is on holiday when the general election is being held, I am very jealous………

No canvassing tonight as the weather wasn’t looking good, so I took the opportunity to put together some ideas for my Manifesto front cover, which has to be right.

I also listened to a couple of Manx Radio interviews before falling asleep just after 22.00.

Wednesday 3rd August
There was certainly some heavy rain last night but I still managed to sleep until 6.45 this morning.

In the office again for 8.10am and after another very busy day I finally got home for 17.50. Again, part of my lunchtime today was taken up preparing a couple of absent & proxy packs along with reading through my manifesto notes.

I managed to get back into Onchan village for 18.00 and although I was not meant to be canvassing tonight, I still completed around 40 minutes as there was a break in the weather.

The main task this evening was to collect some signatures from friends for my House of Keys Nomination Form. In total each Candidate needs to collect around 20 signatures (plus 4 spares) in order to become a genuine candidate for the General Election on 22nd September.

I also managed to drop off the three absent & proxy packs instead of putting them in the post before getting home at 20.15pm.

Still time to send out a few messages, prepare several election envelopes before calling it a night at 21.45.

Thursday 4th August
Up and about from 6.30am this morning. I took the opportunity to listen to the first half of Manx Radio’s mandate programme before getting into the office for 8.20am.

After another very busy nine hours behind the desk, I managed to get home for 17.40.

My focus during my lunchtime has now moved towards me finishing my election manifesto, which still needs some work before it goes to the printers next week.

Back into Onchan village for 17.50 and delivered the final few Letters of Introduction. In total that makes 3,000 letters I have delivered by hand since 7th July 2016. In total it has taken me just under a month to walk around the entire village or around 40 hours in total.

I was back home by 19.10, so the evening was spent going through my notes for Saturday’s interview with Three FM.

Wearing my Onchan Commissioners hat, I also needed to deal with correspondence from certain individuals, which is both tiring and continually drains me of any energy.

Called it a night at 21.30.