Rob Callister speaking at ILS debate
Rob Callister speaking at ILS debate

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MHK Blog 26th July to 1st Aug 2021

Blog 31 July 21As I post my 270th and final blog I just want to start this week with a simple thank you….
Over the past five years I have shared all aspects of my professional and much of my private life, along with sharing this incredible journey as a Member of the House of Keys, which started with my own election campaign back in July 2016.
Although every Tynwald member […]

Election Blog – House of Keys 2016 Week 4 – Part 2

Election Blog“Canvassing” up to Sunday 17th July 2016

Thursday 14th July
My normal sleeping patten has finally returned, long may it continue. I actually slept for around 7 hours uninterrupted before Monty decided he needed my full attention at 5.45am.

Started the day by drafting some additional election notes on the older generation, along with reading the UK and Isle of Man headlines.

With so many things going on at the moment, I am forgetting to have breakfast sometimes, so this morning I called into Coffee Exchange, Athol Street to collect a Cheese & Tuna melt, […]

Election Blog – House of Keys 2016 Week 4 – Part 1

Election Blog“Canvassing” up to Wednesday 13th July 2016

Monday 11th July
I can’t remember the last time I actually got 6 or 7 hours uninterrupted sleep, it must be at least six or seven weeks ago. Last night I still woke up at 2am, 4am and finally 6am.

Ever since I was elected as an Onchan Commissioner my day normally now starts around 6am with checking and responding to any E-mails and Facebook messages, along with checking all the local media sites at 6.30am (Manx Radio) and 7am (IOM Online, Manx.Net and Three FM).

I also […]

House of Keys General Election – Sept 2021

First day as an MHK – 2016

Swearing in – September 2016

Preparation for Keys election – 2016

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