Rob Callister with manx FlagA former minister has been chosen to take on a “crucial ” role as chairman of the planning committee, the Isle of Man chief minister has said.

Rob Callister, who was sacked as health minister in 2022, has been appointed by the Council of Ministers to replace David Ashford in the role.

Chief Minister Alfred Cannan said the new incumbent would fulfil the role with “fairness and objectivity”.

Mr Callister said he looked forward to working in an “often emotive” area.

The MHK was previously sacked by Mr Cannan just seven weeks into his role as the island’s health minister after a row broke out with his departmental members.

The move follows the appointment of Mr Ashford as chairman of the Housing and Communities board and a member of the Cabinet Office last month.

Mr Callister said he considered the role of the committee was to “act impartially” to ensure developments were aligned with Tynwald-approved planning policy.

The chief minister said although the role was “sometimes difficult”, it was important as it involved deciding on applications “that will shape our landscapes and communities”.