Thank you Mr President
I stand in support of the Motion on the Order Paper here today…

Partly, because I am extremely disappointed in the way that the House of Commons has voted and debated on this particular issue over the past few months.

If the United Kingdom cannot speak with clarity and conviction on such an important humanitarian issue, then I think it is right that this Court and the
people of the Isle of Man add their voice to the many voices within the International Community at the moment calling for an immediate suspension
of the hostilities in Gaza region.

I think it is also right that we condemn the attack that was carried out by the Palestinian militant group “Hamas” on 7 th October 2023, which left almost
1,200 dead and 240 hostages taken…

Mr President I am not here today to take sides or to show that one side is better than the other, but I do stand firmly expressing my profound sadness for events that
we all continue to witness in Gaza at the moment.

Neither do I not pretend to understand why Hamas did what they did on 7 th October last year, but Israel’s response to that attack has caused significant
human suffering that has resulted in an additional 32,000 deaths and around 67,000 people being left injured.

It has also resulted in 1.7 million people being displaced in Gaza, and that represents around 75% of its total population.

As of February this year, 1.2 million people in Gaza are facing homelessness due to the significant damage and destruction caused to around 30% of
Gaza’s total infrastructure over the past 5 months.

I also fully support the United Nations Security Council resolution of 25 th March, which demanded an immediate ceasefire, along with the immediate and unconditional release of all remaining hostages, and to allow much needed lifesaving aid into the affected areas.

In closing, many of my comments today do not just relate simply to Gaza but also to Ukraine and many other Countries across the World that find
themselves in the darkness of war at the moment, which results in tragic suffering, displacement and the loss of innocent lives.

Thank you Mr President