PharmacyAnd health minister apologises to struggling residents

A union which represents pharmacists says reports of patients having trouble obtaining medicines in the north of the Island are ‘concerning’.

The Pharmacists’ Defence Association, which represents 35,000 members, has described it as a ‘worrying situation’ which is also being seen throughout the UK.

Residents – particularly in the north of the Island – have complained about the length of time they have to wait for their prescriptions and of pharmacy closures.

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However the PDA is disputing that the issues being faced, both here and in the UK, are solely down to a shortage of qualified pharmacists:

Alison Jones is the director of policy:

Manx Care says it’s been working with Lloyds, which operates three pharmacies in Ramsey, to try and alleviate the problems being experienced.

New Health and Social Care Minister Rob Callister has apologised to residents who are struggling with pharmacy related issues.

He says he’s working with the health body to try and solve the problem: