Reservoir image copyright ManxscenesA hosepipe ban has come into force on the Isle of Man to allow water stocks to recover after a prolonged period of dry weather.

Domestic customers of Manx Utilities (MU) could be fined up to £2,000 if they flout the ban.

MU chairman Rob Callister said the temporary ban was a “precaution” since further dry spells were forecast.

Adrian Cowin, of the Isle of Man Met Office, said rain had been “failing to fall” on the island for much of 2022.

He said it was “of some concern” that rainfall between January and June on the island was 28% below average.

MU said water stocks had fallen to about 70% of capacity.

There are four MU reservoirs which are connected to homes via the mains.

Mr Callister said the dry spell had coincided with a spike in water use among the Manx people.

He said the ban would last until “the availability of raw water stocks stabilises”.

Resident Ian Carter told the BBC he did not think the ban would last long since “it is always raining” on the island.

“We have had a dry spell, that’s fair enough, but it doesn’t last forever, and we certainly won’t go short”, he added.

David George said he appreciated the need for a ban, but it would not affect him “in the slightest” as he lives in a flat, adding if he needed to wash his car he would use a bucket.

Meanwhile Saskia Herapath said she watered her plants with rainwater so the restrictions would not affect her.

“Washing the car is not a biggie is it really? I think we can survive with dirty cars”, she added.