TT scoreboardThe replacement for a historic Isle of Man TT scoreboard will reflect “the heritage and tradition” of over a century of racing, an MHK has said.

Plans have been submitted for a new structure, which will replace the 100-year-old landmark by the TT Grandstand in Douglas that was removed in 2020 due to “irreparable damage”.

The Department for Enterprise (DfE) hopes it will be in place by 2023.

Rob Callister MHK said the proposals followed “extensive consultation”.

A government survey held in 2020 found about 75% of more than 500 respondents wanted to see a “like for like” replacement built.

The scoreboard had been used to display lap times, speeds and positions of riders since the early days of the TT races, with the information updated by scouts on the island.

A DfE spokeswoman said the new design would be similar to the old scoreboard with “classic features” retained, but would use “both old and modern technologies”.

The new structure will include several large screens, which will show live coverage for fans at the TT Grandstand on Glencrutchery Road.

Part of the original scoreboard has been donated to Manx National Heritage and will feature in a new TT gallery in the Manx Museum, which is due to open in 2023.

Video screens will provide a temporary scoreboard for the 2022 Isle of Man TT races, which are due to begin on 29 May, and August’s Manx Grand Prix.