Rob CallisterThe MHK responsible for tourism says it is a shame the Hooded Ram’s event will not go ahead but believes there is still plenty on for fans and local people.

Rob Callister, political member for the Department for Enterprise, which is responsible for the TT, said the department has had no involvement with the company.

Mr Callister said: ’We note with disappointment that there have clearly been some significant issues with the plans and the licensing application.

’But this is a private sector activity. We are not and have not been involved and, although it is a shame that there will not be anything in the [Bottleneck] car park for this year’s event, there is no shortage of choice for fans to enjoy the festivities around the island.

’The department organises and promotes a range of events in the VIP hospitality unit [tent at the Grandstand] as part of the official TT entertainment programme.

’And this is completed by a number of private sector or third party run events including activity at the Trackside and the Bushy’s Village at the Villa as well as a number of events in towns around the island organised by local commissioners.’

Last week, the Hooded Ram brewery failed to get a licence for its tent and festival, which was due to be held over the TT period at the Bottleneck car park on Loch Promenade, Douglas.

Source: IoMToday