I attach a copy of my letter dated 5th April 2018, which was sent to Onchan District Commissioners for review and consideration.

The letter follows up my own concerns regarding rent levels in Onchan’s Social Housing, which have increased between 25% to 40% over the past five years.

I have previously pointed out that I felt Social Housing Rent Levels across the island were artificially low for many years, but I am a strong supporter of rents being set according to household income or a tenant’s ability to pay, which can only be measured through the introduction of a fair means testing system.

Hopefully, we have identified and addressed those concerns for tenants who are of a pensionable age or above, retired and in receipt of the Basic State Pension, the Manx Supplement, along with SERPS or Graduation built up over a working life.

As a result, no pensioner in Social Housing should be paying more than 30% to 35% of their available income on Social Housing Rents, which will include any rates due to the local authority.

Apologies, I didn’t post a copy of the letter ahead of the Commissioners’ meeting last night, but I wanted to give Board Members an opportunity to review its contents before making the letter public.

I now await their response…