manx gas bbc imageThousands of gas customers on the Isle of Man will receive a £58 rebate on their bills “imminently”, the government has said.

Users of Manx Gas will have the amount automatically credited to their billing accounts.

Cabinet Office Minister Kate Lord-Brennan said customers could expect to see the money “in the coming weeks”.

While the deal was announced in December, its rollout had not been confirmed until now.

It comes after Manx Gas announced a 27.5% tariff increase to allow the firm to meet rising wholesale gas costs.

The rebate is part of an agreement to reduce the company’s payments to Manx Utilities for the infrastructure it uses by £1.4m.

Ms Lord-Brennan said the government had “settled a way to deliver a rebate to gas customers” with the company.

The rebates will be paid to all domestic and business customers who have used gas in the past 12 months.

Under the agreement, the government will adjust loans the gas provider holds with state-owned electricity and water authority Manx Utilities, on the condition that savings are passed on to consumers.

MU chairman Rob Callister said it was a “very difficult time for many, particularly in relation to the energy crisis”.

The rebate would provide “an element of comfort for those in difficulties”, he added.