Chris Thomas MHKThe chair of the Manx Utilities Authority has said he hopes Manx Gas customers will see the loan adjustment rebate on their bills in the ’next few weeks’.

In the House of Keys sitting on Tuesday, Douglas Central MHK Chris Thomas asked Rob Callister how much the MUA and Treasury have provided to Manx Gas so it can pay the loan adjustment rebate to gas customers. This was originally announced on December 21, 2021.

Mr Callister apologised for the delay and said no funds had been paid yet to Manx Gas by Manx Utilities.

He said: ’Following the announcement, work has been undertaken to agree the appropriate wording to contract with Manx Gas to ensure that funds paid by Manx Utilities to Manx Gas are paid in full to relevant Manx Gas customers in accordance with any agreement reached.

’I can give a further update that we have had positive exchanges with Manx Gas and we believe now that the wording has been agreed, subject to that contract, we are hoping the contract will be signed soon and for those funds to be implemented to Manx Gas as quickly as possible, and we are hoping those to be forwarded on to customers as soon as possible.’

The chair said: ’I am hoping that Manx Gas customers will see the refund on their bills in the next few weeks, if not the next month.’

Mr Callister added that Manx Utilities Authority was ’absolutely on the side of the consumer’, saying: ’It has been a struggle to get this agreement signed and I apologise to Manx Gas customers for the delay, but I can assure that any delay has been on the part of Manx Gas.’

He confirmed that £58 is still promised for every customer, which totals £1.4 million for the last two years.

Mr Thomas said after the sitting: ’I’m delighted that MUA chair Rob Callister MHK confirmed Government’s promise just before Christmas that all domestic and commercial gas customers who were billed for gas in the 12 months up to the end of November 2021 should receive around £58 credit in their bills from 15 February onwards.

’This is funded from a reduction in the amount Manx Gas pays Treasury through MUA each year for financing the on-island gas network, and follows my June 2020 Tynwald motion and Gas Customers Working Group lobbying.

’Not paying this rebate would be unfair to gas customers and dent trust in government.’