Blog 10 Nov 16Managing my time remains key at the moment.

I am normally in the office just after 8am each day, which gives me enough time for a coffee and to review any e-mails before the day starts.

This week started with a tour around the Isle of Man Creamery, which gave an excellent insight into one of the Island’s strongest brands that continues to open sales opportunities across the world.

This was followed with a meeting between several Government Departments, Ministers, Chief Executives and representatives from the Construction Industry. Monday lunchtime I had an informal lunch with Manx Telecom and two other MHKs. Monday afternoon was taken up with prep work for the Keys sitting and attending a Motorsport Strategy Meeting.

Tuesday was the House of Keys sitting, which gave me an opportunity to highlight Onchan’s current bus timetable and to ask the DOI to trial the Community bus in Onchan in the near future. The rest of the day was taken up preparing for the DED Department meeting, which had a heavy agenda.

Wednesday started with a DED political members meeting with the Minister, which was then followed by the DED Department meeting, which lasted over three hours. I had lunch with two MHK colleagues, which I have always found enjoyable and invaluable in this role.

In the afternoon I had a meeting with the Director of Public Health, Dr. Henrietta Ewart, who outlined the role of the Clinical Recommendations Committee, which I will be chairing going forward.

Today started with me casting my vote in the Onchan Commissioners By-Election just after 8am. Once in the office I responded to several e-mails before a local journalist Paul Speller called into the Legislative Buildings. Paul is currently interviewing all new MHKs in the coming weeks on behalf of Isle of Man Newspapers.

Straight after the interview I headed down to the Employment & Skills Exhibition being held in the Villa Marina. Another fantastic event that brings together employers, students and other local organisations. I certainly enjoyed walking around and speaking to several sectors, which will be followed up by e-mails in due course.

After lunch with another MHK colleague I headed up to the Jane Crookall building for my first Clinical Recommendations Committee, which lasted around two hours. Thereafter I headed up to Onchan to meet a Constituent who wanted a general chat on several topics.

Tomorrow and Saturday will be taken up preparing for Tynwald on Tuesday.

On Sunday I will be attending two Remembrance services with my wife, one in Onchan and one in St John’s.