Blog 17 Sep 17We arrived home late last Sunday evening after our flight from Birmingham was delayed again. This time it wasn’t due to any technical problems but the fact that there was an extra bag aboard the aircraft.

We also came back a couple of days early, which was my fault as I didn’t block the right number of days out of the office, which resulted in numerous appointments and meetings being scheduled for Monday and Tuesday this week.

Anyway, I still managed to work from home on Monday and the first task was to catch up with some e-mails and messages. At 9.40am I headed to Manx Radio to do a couple of interviews relating to Manx Gas and facilities in and around the paddock during this year’s Festival of Motorcycling.

I got home for 10.45am but only to change into my suit as I was invited on board the “Saga Pearl II” Cruise Ship, which was visiting the Isle of Man. It was a beautiful Cruise Ship with passenger numbers ranging from 512 to 602.

I certainly enjoyed the tour around the cruise ship, along with having a coffee with the Captain who will be retiring in four weeks’ time and making a formal presentation on behalf of the Isle of Man.

Returned home for 13.20 to grab some lunch and to sort out a few personal tasks. Just after 15.00 I headed into DED for a TT meeting relating to contracts that will be going out to tender shortly.

The meeting finished at 16.30 and I was happy to call it a day………

Tuesday was an extremely emotional but rewarding day, back in the office for 8am for the first time since my holiday. After collecting any messages and items of post from my pigeon hole I started to catch up with things, along with having a couple of discussions with my colleagues.

At 10.15am Daphne Caine, MHK, Martyn Perkins, MHK and I drove into Onchan for the unveiling of the Woodland Memorial, which was officially opened in Onchan by the Lieutenant Governor, Sir Richard Gozney.

It is a beautiful spot and the Woodland Trust with an army of volunteers have done a fantastic job.

Back to the office for 12.40 to collect my bag and a file before walking over to Derby Square for a Family Services meeting at 13.00. The meeting was extremely emotional and difficult at times and although the individual was not an Onchan Constituent I felt honoured that I was asked to give my support in this case.

Hopefully I can offer some support and help to resolve these issues for everyone involved.

The meeting finished at 14.30 and from there I went straight back to DED for a meeting with Gary Thompson, the Clerk of the Course for the TT and the Festival of Motorcycling.

I felt it was a good meeting with the Clerk as we discussed the format for next year and any issues or concerns from this year’s events.

I finally got back to the office for 16.20, which gave me time to respond to e-mails and messages. I left the office at 17.00 and after tea I started to go through my DED agenda pack for tomorrow’s Department meeting before calling it a day at 20.45.

In the office for 8.30am on Thursday and I managed to finish going through my DED agenda pack before heading over to DED for the Minister and Political Members’ meeting at 9.30am.

At 10am we had the Department meeting, which included a briefing and an update on the transfer from the Department of ‘Economic Development’ to ‘Enterprise”……..

The Department meeting finished at 12.15, at which time Tim Crookall, MLC and I had a brief meeting with the Minister and CEO by way of an update on the feedback received during this year’s TT and Festival of Motorcycling, which includes the Classic TT and MGP.

Back to the office for 13.00, in order to meet up with one of the old trustees from the Manx National Heritage. With a busy schedule we ended up having a working lunch in the Government Canteen, which is something slightly different but gave an opportunity to catch up with things.

At 14.10 I had a short meeting with Dr. Alex Allinson, MHK relating to two Constituent matters which we are both involved with. Just after 14.30 Daphne Caine, MHK and I were invited to look around the new Companies Registry, which has been relocated from Hill Street to Deemsters Walk.

The new location for the Companies Registry looks perfect and it now includes the Land Registry. Back to the office for 15.40 and fortunately my 16.00 meeting was cancelled, so I was able to catch up with messages and emails before leaving the office at 17.10.

Thursday was meant to be a relatively straightforward day, but it didn’t turn out that way. I was in the office for 8.20am, when I took the time to complete some administrative tasks.

At 9.30am Tim Crookall, MLC and I had a meeting with the Isle of Man Motorcycle Club at our Legislative Building as we continue to look at the issues raised from this year’s Festival of Motorcycling. Again, it was a positive meeting but a lot of work is still to be done ahead of next year’s event.

At 11am I walked over to DED to have a meeting with a young man who had developed a local App and was look for additional support to take his idea to the next level. Unfortunately, we are unable to help at this stage but I took the opportunity to draft some correspondence on Thursday evening, in order to introduce him to a business mentor and good friend that I have known for several years.

Walked back to Government building at 12 noon for lunch and to catch up with e-mails and phones calls. At 14.45 I drove in to Onchan to attend a meeting at the Manx Blind Welfare, which outlined some of their future plans that I fully support.

Back to the office for 15.50 in order to review some Tynwald Select Committee work, IOM Rally road closures and ongoing work in connection with the TT and the Festival of Motorcycling.

I left the office for 17.20.

Friday was almost taken up by two just items, Motorcycling and IRIS…… in the office for 8.10am and after grabbing a coffee I started to print off and review the Agenda, Minutes and reports for the Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee.

I also needed to make several calls in relation to the TT and Festival of Motorcycling.

At 9.40am I had a brief meeting with the Clerk of Tynwald, and at 10am we joined the rest of the Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee members for today’s meeting, which finished at 11.50am.

The main focus of the Committee was again the IRIS Scheme and preparing to take oral evidence in a couple of weeks’ time.

After having a further Festival of Motorcycling meeting I headed home for 13.45, in order to start going through the written evidence submitted in respect of the IRIS Scheme, along with preparing some questions and notes for the next oral evidence session.

I finished for the day at 17.00.

I also have a busy weekend ahead, I have my Political Surgery between 10am and 11.30am on Saturday and if the surgery isn’t busy it will give me an opportunity to continue going through the IRIS written evidence.

On Sunday I will be a guest on Sunday Opinion and the Mannin Line from 12 noon, which will focus on the first year as being an MHK. I will also be attending Onchan’s Civic Service from 14.30 on Sunday afternoon.