14 Aug 17 BlogJust me and Oscar (our cat) this week, as Ellen is off island once again.

I had two Constituent meetings last Sunday lunchtime and I also took the opportunity with Ellen away to carry out some DIY work at our cottage over the weekend.

Monday’s schedule changed several times, but in the end I was in the office for 8am in order to read through several TT related documents.

At 9am I headed over to DED for a meeting to discuss the TT accommodation and travel contracts. The meeting finished at 9.50am and from there I headed into Onchan for a coffee morning, which I always find enjoyable, especially discussing Manx Murders……

At 10.55am I drove down the road to the Grandstand in order to attend a further TT meeting, this time in respect of the Infrastructure and Marshalling of the event. That meeting finished at 12.45, at which time I headed home for a couple of hours.

Once home I caught up with e-mails and took the opportunity to draft several items of correspondence.

At 15.15 I headed south to Cregneash Village, in order to meet up with other trustees and the senior officers from Manx National Heritage. Despite the weather, the trustees were given a tour of the facilities etc.

I managed to get home for 18.15 and after tea I caught up with e-mails before calling it a day at 20.20.

I didn’t sleep well on Monday night so I got myself into the office for 7.15am, which gave me plenty of time to review some planning legislation and to draft a couple of letter templates.

I also managed to get on top of my e-mails and return a few calls.

Just before 10am Tim Crookall, MLC and I headed over to DED for a TT briefing with the Minister. That meeting finished at 10.50am at which time I went straight down to the Sea Terminal for a meeting between DOI officers, Julie Edge MHK, Lawrie Hooper MHK and representatives from the Construction industry.

It was a very useful meeting that highlighted a skill shortage within the industry and to outline the projects that could be coming on line over the next 12 to 18 months.

More importantly we need to ensure that Government works in partnership with the construction industry, in order to make sure there is a continuous stream of projects coming on line, but at the same time making sure that they deliver value for money.

The meeting finished at 12.30 and from there I drove into Onchan to meet up with some Constituents who are still suffering from flooding every time there is heavy rainfall.

I got back to the office for 13.30 and once back at my desk I managed to draft sixteen letters on various topics before leaving the office at 15.50.

I still needed to draft a couple more e-mails from home and after tea I went though the Manx Museum Agenda ahead of the trustees meeting being held on Friday.

I managed to call it a day at 20.10.

I have been promising myself a couple of days off with no politics for around 12 months and with no meetings or briefings scheduled for Wednesday I was able to take that day off.

Other than answering a few calls throughout the day I managed to get some serious DIY done in the house…… The roof was repaired last week, so I was able to repair the damp patch in the bedroom ceiling, which has been there for around 18 months.

Good job Ellen is away – what a mess, not to mention the amount of dust created from the sanding………

In total I did around six hours of painting – fingers crossed that Ellen actually likes the new classic red door frames, which do fit in nicely with our decor. I also waxed a couple of doors that were damaged when I moved furniture last year.

The list of chores even in a small cottage have certainly built up over the last eighteen months. I genuinely love the autumn and winter months, especially when the log burner is on. We just need to order the wood.

At 18.00 I started to go through the e-mails, along with drafting a couple of letters before calling it a day at 20.45.

I was also hoping to take Thursday off but it didn’t really go to plan. I called into the office at 7.45am, in order to obtain some information to draft a letter template, along with collecting some files for review.

Back home at 9am to finish off some painting before reading through further IRIS evidence documents between 10am and 12 noon ahead of the next meeting of the Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee session in September.

At 12.15 I headed to the Cat with No Tail for lunch with a friend, in order to discuss several Onchan issues and concerns. At 13.40 I headed back to the office as I needed to draft a further twenty five letters on various topics.

I also had to look into a serious employment issue on behalf of a Constituent, which could potentially turn into a legal nightmare, not forgetting costly…..

I left the office at 17.25.

I knew Friday was going to be an extremely busy day, so I took the opportunity to get in to the office for 6.40am.

The first meeting was with the Isle of Man Marshals Association and the DED Minister, in order to discuss any concerns of the Association and its future direction, along with offering further help wherever possible.

That meeting finished at 12 noon and from there we went straight into a quick TT briefing on some correspondence received. Once that meeting was over, we held a third TT meeting to discuss the contract relating to TT accommodation and travel partners.

Finally got back to Government offices at 12.55 and from there I managed to grab something to eat.

Back to the office for 13.30, which finally gave me time to catch up with e-mails and to return several missed calls.

At 14.15 I walked over to the Manx Museum for the first formal meeting of the Manx Museum and National Heritage Trustees. I am really enjoying being part of this fantastic organisation, which has such a wide reach across our island.

The meeting finished at 17.05 and I managed to get home for 17.30, but still needed to respond to number of e-mails and calls.

Called it a day at 19.40.

As for the weekend, I have my Political surgery on Saturday morning from 10am to 11.30am at the Onchan Community Centre, and then I will be picking Ellen up from the Airport.

Nothing planned for Sunday, so hopefully I will be getting some painting done.