Blog 21 May 17This week I had scheduled two days at home (holiday), in order to get on top of a few personal items, but importantly in order to start seriously researching a few topics.

Monday was the first of those days, which was very fortunate because I was suffering from a serious case of sunburn on my right arm from our coastal walk on Sunday.

The first part of Monday was spent going through the Tynwald Order Paper, along with drafting several letters and emails on behalf of Constituents.

I also spent considerable time responding to ongoing concerns relating to TT Logos and Branding, which is becoming incredibly difficult to sort out. Numerous meetings had to be scheduled and organised, along with responding to a large number of e-mails.

I didn’t really get the opportunity on Monday to complete the personal tasks on my agenda, but the day went by relatively quickly and I finished for 16.30.

In the office for 8.10am on Tuesday morning, after making a coffee I got my head straight down to returning a number of calls. I also took the opportunity to finish drafting a template letter, which I will be sending out later on in the day.

At 10.15am I headed down to the Keys Chamber for a quick photo before walking up to the Tynwald Chamber for today’s sitting, which started at 10.30am. It was certainly an interesting sitting, some key questions being asked by Members and the Chief Minister gave a speech on Briexit.

I managed to get a quick lunch before getting to the office to send out the eleven letters which I should have done last week.

After lunch at 14.30 there was a debate on Free Train and Tram Travel for Pensioners, which had just one single recommendation, which was to offer a reduced ticket before the season starts.

I certainly learned a valuable lesson from sitting on that first Select Committee, don’t try and please everyone – stick to your Manifesto pledges and ensure the report fully reflects your views and feelings…….

Today’s sitting finished at 17.10 and after completing a few tasks I was home for 18.10. Tuesday evening was spent making a few phone calls and sending emails before calling it a day at 19.50.

Despite Tynwald finishing within a day, I was back in the office for 8.20am on Wednesday. The day started with a general catch up with one of my MHK colleagues along with answering further correspondence received in respect of the TT logos and branding.

I am still surprised by the level of correspondence and requests being received in respect of the TT logos and branding over the last month, but it has given us an opportunity to give clear advice to help businesses and charities across the island.

To be perfectly honest the TT logos and branding should have been sorted out years ago.

At around 9am I walked over to DED with the Minister before driving down to Sulby to unveil the latest TT Milestone (Caley’s Corner) in tribute to the late Raymond Caley who was a pillar of Sulby Village.

It was a real honour to share the occasion with David Knight, MBE, Eddie and Rosie from the Sulby Glen Hotel and other local residents. A big thank you also to Eddie and Rosie for tea and biscuits, along with sharing their views on the TT and tourism.

I got back to the office at 11.30am but I only managed to send a couple of e-mails before walking back to DED with Tim Crookall, MLC at 12 noon for a TT briefing with officers. The meeting finished at 13.20, which enabled me to grab some lunch.

Back to the office 13.50 and with no further meetings scheduled I was able to get my head down to help sort out my desk. After clearing e-mails and making several calls, I spent the rest of the afternoon undertaking some research and reading several reports in order to put together some questions for when the Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee takes oral evidence from the DEFA Minister and CEO.

Left the office at 17.00 and after tea I started to draft this week’s Blog and along with posting an article on Manx Gas who have increased their prices once again.

I also decided to stay at home for the first part of the day on Thursday because I didn’t want to wear a suit for the whole day. I still had numerous e-mails to draft, not to mention more correspondence on the TT Logos and Manx Gas.

The day started with me drafting questions for the Keys sitting being held on Tuesday 13th June. I then took the opportunity to spend a couple of hours in the garden, but making and receiving several calls in between.

Just after 11am I drove into the office, the first task was to send out some letters in order to correct a mistake I made in respect of the Eastern Area Plan. I also had a brief meeting with the Clerk of Tynwald to finalise a site visit being undertaken on 26th May, along with undertaking some research into Manx Gas and the MUA.

At 12.55 Tim Crookall, MLC and I headed over to DED for a further TT briefing with the Minister, CEO and Motorsport team.

Back to the office at 13.50, which gave me just enough time to catch up with e-mails but making my way down to the House of Keys for today’s LegCo elections. The sitting started at 14.00 and it was a relatively straightforward election, which was fully resolved in a single round of voting.

I am not entirely sure that the new voting system is right, giving members three votes for just one seat doesn’t sound right. I would prefer a single vote for a single seat………….

The sitting finished at 15.10 and the rest of the day was spent catching up with e-mails and phone calls. I also started to draft a new letter template, which will have to be sent out next week.

I can certainly sense the wind of change over the last few days, the honeymoon is well and truly over – the question on the appointment of the next Judge of Appeal this week certainly upset a few people…

I left the office at 17.15.

I promised myself a day off on Friday and to perfectly honest I did manage to get a few hours in the garden, but most of the day was spent drafting notes for Tuesday’s House of Keys sitting.

There were also several policy documents, application forms and guidelines that I needed to read, along with helping sort out a press release, which had multiple stakeholders involved.

I also needed to answer some questions on a new TV advert, which will be shown on TV shortly (Come to your senses, Come to the Isle of Man).

Overall it was a very pleasant and relaxing day to catch up with things.

Finished for the day at 16.45.