Blog 22 Jan 17As another week draws to a close, it’s true to say there really aren’t two days the same in this job.

Monday was all about Tynwald – in the office for 8.15am and I managed to draft and send out nineteen e-mails before my first meeting. Just before 10am I headed up to the Old Jane Crookall for a Minister, Chief Executive and Political Members briefing. The meeting was informal and it gave us all an opportunity to discuss ongoing issues involving the Department, along with its future direction.

Back to the Legislative Building for around 12.30, which gave me time to continue going through my Tynwald Order Pack. I had a meeting scheduled for 14.30 that was described as a “drop in session”. Unfortunately, the importance of the meeting wasn’t explained to Members and I ended up missing it.

At 15.30 there was a Q & A session for Tynwald Members regarding the Programme for Government. The meeting finished at 17.00, after tea I finished going through my Tynwald Order Pack.

Tuesday was the January sitting of Tynwald, the Order Paper had several interesting items on the agenda. It was a fairly quiet sitting for myself as I had already outlined my views on the Programme of Government in November and fully supported the introduction of a voluntary Living Wage scheme on the Island. Lunchtime on Tuesday was taken up with a briefing on the possibility of the Island building a deep water berth to support further growth in the Cruise industry.

A very enjoyable 13 hours in the office, but I was glad to get home just after 21.30.

On Wednesday I was in the office just after 8am, but only to print off four agenda packs for meetings scheduled for later on in the week. A quick phone call with a Constituent and the OFT Chairman Martyn Perkins, MHK in order to help out with a local issue. Headed home at 9.30am and took the opportunity to call in to see a couple of other Constituents, which was a general election promise. The rest of the day was spent at home catching on things and going through the agenda packs.

Back in the office for 8.30 on Thursday, the first task was to continue to help the Constituent from yesterday, who felt let down by a local business. Fortunately, we were able to revolve the matter through a series of phone calls – a big thank you to those involved.

I also spent more time in the morning going through the agenda pack for the Free Tram and Train Travel Committee, which started at 11am. It is a difficult Committee for me to sit on as I have a determined position from my Election Manifesto, which I continue to stand by.

The Committee meeting finished around 12.15, which gave me just enough time to send a few e-mails before heading over to the Manx Museum for my first MNH Trust meeting.

The meeting started at 12.50 with a tour of all the facilities before the main meeting started at 14.15. It was a very long agenda paper and the meeting finished at around 17.50.

After tea I continued to review the Agenda pack for the Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee, which was being held on Friday. I managed to get finished for 22.15.

Friday turned into strange day, I was in the office for around 8.30am and I spent the first hours preparing for a Committee only to find it was cancelled the meeting due to illness. I took the opportunity to head down to Castletown to meet an old friend from Port Erin Commissioners to discuss the Island’s tourism sector. I got to Legislative Buildings for 12 noon, just in time for a meeting between representatives from the Education Unions and MHK’s.

14.00 I headed over to the DED for a meeting with Committee members with regards to an event returning to the Isle of Man on 5th August. Straight after that meeting I held a Motorsport briefing. I headed home at 16.15.

Heading to Radcliffe’s Racing Launch tonight, to finish off a busy week. Tomorrow I will be attending the annual Holocaust Memorial Service in Douglas.