The weeks are just flying by at the moment, I am tempted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – just in case I miss it…

Fewer political briefings this week, but the mountain of paperwork and reading to get through remains. The trick is to stay just one step ahead of the next meeting or sitting, but to be honest this week I managed to get a few hours to myself to clean up the leaves from the garden and paths, along with my share of the usual household chores.

Monday started with a tourism political meeting, along with further reading and prep work for Tuesday’s Tynwald sitting. In the afternoon I was meant to be at the hospital but there was some confusion (my fault), which meant I missed the meeting. This gave me some additional time to read the Committee Report into the Island’s Jury System.

Tuesday was the November sitting of Tynwald, which was certainly a long day, but at the same time extremely enjoyable. My day started around 8am with me answering several e-mails and further prep work, lunchtime was also taken up answering correspondence and making a few calls.

I really did enjoy several of the debates in the Chamber this week, and I was honoured to have been elected Chairman of the Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee as a newly elected MHK.

This automatically made me also a member of the Public Accounts Committee, which will be Chaired by the Speaker (Juan Watterson, SHK). A very important Committee and I am certainly looking forward to working with my colleagues on this Committee.

I was home from Tynwald by 19.45.

With Tynwald finishing a little early I was able to get to Ramsey for a friend’s funeral on Wednesday morning and I also managed to get a few hours to myself on Wednesday afternoon, along with reading numerous documents relating to the Committee set up to look at the free train and tram travel petition.

Thursday morning was the first Committee meeting to look at free train and tram travel petition, which is being Chaired by Bill Shimmins, MHK. The rest of Thursday was taken up responding to Constituent correspondence, along with starting to read through the Beneficial Ownership Bill 2017 and the Equality Bill 2016 explanatory notes, which is 125 pages on its own.

Thursday evening Ellen and I attended the Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence, which was a fantastic evening.

I only had three meetings on Friday, two with Constituents on separate topics and the other one related to a TT Event, which we are looking to support in 2017. Friday evening Ellen and I attended Ballakermeen High School to watch a production of High School Musical, which was an excellent night.

A very busy week coming up, so I intend to take this afternoon off and spend Sunday going through my notes, questions and preparing for next week.