After a busy weekend in Birmingham looking around the Motorcycle Live event, I was in catch-up mode last Sunday afternoon.

The Flybe flight was again on time and I arrived home for around 15.30 on Sunday afternoon. Once the fire was lit I started to go through the Chief Constable’s Annual Report ahead of a Public Accounts Committee meeting scheduled for Monday afternoon.

In the office for 8.20am on Monday morning, which gave me an opportunity to catch up with e-mails and a couple of pieces of correspondence.

Just after 9am I drove up to Mount Murray Golf Club House for the breakfast fund raiser, which was being hosted by the Manx Blind Welfare Society.

Patrick Barkham was guest of honour and an author who gave an excellent insight to his new book called “Islander”, which features the Isle of Man, along with several other smaller islands.

I only hope the other guests didn’t think I was being rude during part of Mr. Barkham’s presentation as I received an urgent message for help by an Onchan Constituent who was having some serious difficulties getting back to the Isle of Man after receiving some medical treatment in the UK.

This also highlights the power of social media and the role that we play ourselves as MHKs representing our Constituents. Within a few minutes of receiving a message via Facebook I was able to send a quick e-mail to the DHSC.

Once I was back in the office at lunchtime I was able follow up my initial e-mail with several calls to help resolve the problem, and I take this opportunity to say a massive big thank you to the senior management at the DHSC and the Patient Transfer team for their help and input.

I got a message later on in the day to say that they flew back with Flybe on Monday evening.

I was also able to carry on drafting suitable questions for the PAC Committee session with the Chief Constable, which started at 14.30 and I genuinely felt it was an excellent Committee session with the Chief Constable who gave a frank insight into the Isle of Man Police Force.

The evidence session ended at 16.00, which was followed by a debrief amongst the Committee members.

I left the office at 17.10 and after tea I received a couple more calls from Constituents, which involved drafting a few e-mails.

I also went through the Isle of Man Pensions Actuarial Valuation Report for 2016 after tea before calling it a day at around 19.15.

Back in the office at 8.15am on Tuesday and the first part of my morning was spent preparing for the House for the Keys sitting, drafting a couple of supplementary questions and looking through the questions being tabled.

Just before 10am we headed down to the House of Keys but there were only 9 questions for oral answer and a further 13 for written reply. It was certainly one of the shorter sittings of this Parliament lasting less than ninety minutes.

Once all the sitting had finished, most Tynwald members gathered upstairs in the Barrool Suite for a group picture in connection with the “White Ribbon Campaign”, which relates to violence against women and girls which happens throughout society.

From there I went straight into a briefing with the DfE Minister, in order to give an update on the Birmingham trip last weekend.

At 12 noon we went back to the Barool Suite for a couple of presentations – the first was given by my good friend David Talbot on the Credit Union and the Legislation being updated. The second presentation on the Debt Recovery Consultation, which hopefully will result in the setting up of a Debtors’ Register, which will certainly help small businesses to rebuild confidence with suppliers, especially when setting up trade accounts.

The rest of the afternoon was taken up with a series of smaller meetings to discuss the IRIS Scheme and a telephone conference, which lasted well over an hour and related to the Motorsport issues and where certain boundaries are between political policy implementation and what is considered an operational matter…….

I left the office 17.10 and after tea I listened again to the oral evidence session with the Chief Constable and drafted some correspondence, but was happy to finish at 21.00.

Wednesday was one of those very strange days. In the office for 8.10am and the first part of the morning was spent going through a draft TT paper, which will be brought before the next DfE board meeting. I also took the opportunity to go though the next section of evidence ahead of the Infrastructure and Environment Policy Review Committee session being held on 4th December.

At 10.45am I had a personal meeting with someone who is helping me with an ongoing project, and full details will be published once we have actually finished things off – hopefully it will be in the New Year……

At 12 noon I walked upstairs to the Barool Suite to meet the small army of Cruise Welcomers after another fantastic season.

It is always a wonderful event and after a few speeches and a presentation we enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch.

Other than changing out of my suit, the rest of the afternoon was spent at my desk catching up with administration and printing off various reports ahead of the December Tynwald.

I also dealt with a couple of Constituent matters but on the whole it was a relatively straightforward and enjoyable day.

Thursday was also a straightforward day. In the office for 8am and after grabbing a coffee I headed straight down to Shoprite briefly to collect some sweets and mince pies ahead of my meeting with the Isle of Man Municipal Association in the evening.

Back to the office to catch up on e-mails before walking over to the Manx Museum for a meeting with Dr. Kenny, who is undertaking a review of the organisation.

At lunchtime I had a meeting relating to the Manx Credit Union and the forthcoming legislation which is currently going through Keys and LegCo etc.

Once the meeting had finished I headed into Onchan for a couple of meetings with businesses regarding the road works currently going on in the village. From there I headed home for the afternoon, in order to start going through the Vision 9 report and write down some initial thoughts.

After tea I headed to Braddan Commissioners for 18.30 as I was invited to the Isle of Man Municipal Meeting, which started at 19.00.

I gave an overview of my role as an MHK since being elected, building firm bridges between Local Government and Central Government. I also made several future predictions, which might not have been the best thing to do…….

Back home for 21.00 and after sending a couple of e-mails I called it a day at 21.30.

Friday was certainly a busy day, I didn’t going directly into the office this morning, instead I headed North to Ramsey.

I arrived at 8.45am and I was met by Sandra and Beth who had scheduled various appointments throughout the day.

We started by heading into Bride, Andreas, St Jude’s and Lezayre to review and to look around some amazing accommodation offerings ranging from self catering, B & Bs, not forgetting Brightlife, which is a fabulous hidden gem, and Milntown in Ramsey.

We were also joined by my colleague Tim Baker, MHK and it really was a wonderful day, which included tea & cake (thank you Sandra) and lunch in Milntown, which was excellent.

I wasn’t able to visit the Venture Centre in Maughold but this is being rescheduled for the New Year……

Unfortunately, I had to leave early as I needed to be back in Douglas for 15.00 and only managed to get back with a few minutes to spare.

Just before 15.00 I headed up to the Barrool Suite for a Visit Agency External Stakeholder Workshop in which I was making the opening remarks, before passing the event on to the Department for Enterprise staff.

Again, I had to leave early as I had several missed calls and urgent messages, which needed a response before leaving the office at 17.00.

On Friday evening Ellen and I headed to Port St Mary for their Christmas Celebration, which we have supported for several years – and it is always a fantastic event.

As for the weekend, I have a number of Constituent meeting scheduled for Saturday morning and I will have to spend a couple of hours in the office preparing for Monday’s Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee session.