Blog 12 Mar 17A real mix bag of activities this week, it also became one of the most difficult weeks I have faced so far since being elected.

I also now know that my Blog is being reviewed by at least one individual who is clearly out to cause trouble, I just hope that individual is having fun…….

In the office early on Monday morning, just before 8am in order to print off some documentation for my first meeting.

Just before 8.30am I headed over to the DED office with Tim Crookall, MLC for a Motorsport briefing as we continue to prepare for this year’s TT, MGP and Festival of Motorcycling events.

At 9.15am I collected the car and drove into Onchan to meet a Constituent to listen a serious medical neglect case, which I will be taking up in the coming weeks. At 10am I attended the Springfield Court coffee morning, which gave me an opportunity to catch up with residents who are able to attend any Constituency surgeries.

At 11.15am I met up with Julie Edge, MHK for a quick meeting with the Onchan’s WI Branch.

Back to the Legislative Buildings for 12 noon, but I only had sufficient time to park the car before heading back to DED for a briefing with the Minister and Officers on the future structure of the Gaiety and Villa Marina.

Finally got to my desk in Legislative Building for 12.50, which gave me time to make a few phone calls and to respond to a few e-mails.

At 13.50 I met up the other Members of the Public Accounts Committee in the Millennium Room. At 14.25 we headed up to the LegCo Chamber for the Oral Evidence session being taken from Alfred Cannan, MHK (Treasury Minister) and Shelia Lowe, (Chief Financial Officer, Treasury).

The session finished at 16.30 and after sending a few more e-mails and speaking to a Tynwald Clerk briefly I headed home for 16.50. After making a quick salad, I went down to the Sea Terminal for a DOI Workshop and Resident Focus Group, which included a full review of Governors Road, Main Road and Whitebridge Road, Onchan with several Onchan Constituents and DOI Officers for 18.00.

The meeting finished at 20.00 and I decided to walk home, which only took about 45 minutes. After a shower and sending a couple of e-mails, I called it a night at 21.45.

Tuesday turned into one of those extremely tense and difficult days, and I was very relieved to get home at the end of it.

In the office for 8.15 and after making the usual cup of coffee and print off several e-mail and information packs, I held a brief Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee meeting with Chris Robertshaw, MHK and Clare Bettison, MHK.

The bell in the Legislative Building rang to tell everyone that it was 9.45am and after collecting my paperwork I headed down to the Keys Chamber. Today’s question paper was again relatively straight forward and finished for 11am. There were also several other Bills going through their Reading and Clauses stages.

The Keys sitting finished for around 12.15 and there wasn’t any time to relax as we had a DHSC political meeting straight after the Keys sitting. The meeting finished around 13.00, which gave me an opportunity to have lunch with my colleagues.

At 14.00 I finally got the opportunity to send a few e-mails and to print off my DED agenda pack for the day’s meeting.

With Keys finishing early it gave me an opportunity to catch up with things. Just before 15.30 I headed up to the Chief Secretary’s for a briefing with other MHK’s.

A 16.00 Ann Corlett, MHK and I then held a telephone conference with a Constituent, in order to try and help out on a very difficult item.

I was certainly ready for home at 17.00 and happy to get into bed for 18.30.

Wednesday was a new day and was in the office for 8.10 and after collecting some paperwork, I headed over the DED for the Department meeting, which started at 8.30am. The meeting finished at around 10.10am and I went straight into a further meeting with DED officers regarding the Isle of Man Post Office.

Back to Legislative Building and my office for 10.35am, which gave me time to have a coffee with colleagues, print off agenda packs and to catch up with e-mails.

At 13.00 there was a presentation on the 2016 Census Report, which certainly makes interesting headlines. Just after 14.00 Minister Skelly, MHK and I walked over to the Best Western Hotel to attend a Junior Achievement event whereby students presented their projects to various business representatives and political members.

Unfortunately, I had to leave a little early to get back to the Legislative Building and the LegCo room, in order to support an old friend and to listen to some of the evidence given to the SAPRC Committee looking into Dependability.

Just before 16.00 I headed down to Victoria Street with Tim Crookall, MLC before meeting up with the the Minister, other Political Members and Officers from DED at a Local Gaming Company, which is looking to expand on the Isle of Man. Fantastic facilities and an excellent working environment, really enjoyed the tour and the meeting. Finally got back to the office for 17.20.

After tea I took the opportunity to read through the detailed 2016 Census Report, along with answering various posts regarding the closure of an island travel agent. Finally called it a day at 21.10.

Thursday started very quietly, but it turned into an extremely difficult day and probably the hardest day since being elected.

In the office for the 8.20am and most of the morning was spent printing off my Tynwald Agenda Pack and preparing for the Clinical Recommendation Committee, along with getting things ready for Friday’s Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee Oral session.

I also took the opportunity to complete three online exams, which form part of my Introduction to Commonwealth Parliamentary Governance programme.

Just before 12 noon I headed over to the Old Jane Crookall for the Clinical Recommendation Committee, which finished around 14.25. At 15.00 I went over to DED for a TT pre-briefing in order to confirm some details and invitations.

Back to Legislative Building and my office for 15.35, which gave me time to spend a few e-mails. Unfortunately, one e-mail I received I really couldn’t support. This would clearly start a chain of events that couldn’t be avoided unless I ignored my own ethics and principles, which I could never do. I don’t consider myself a difficult person to understand, I wear my heart on sleeve, I would give someone my last pound if their need was greater then mine and I will always stand by what I believe is right.

Left the office at 17.00 and after tea I sent out various correspondence before calling it a day at 19.00.

The weekend couldn’t come soon enough for me this week, I was late getting into the office, but I still managed to arrive for 8.30. Fortunately, my 8am meeting was cancelled at the last minute, which gave me plenty of time to prepare for the Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee Oral Session.

At 10am the Committee which includes Clare Bettison, MHK, Chris Robertshaw, MHK and me went through the topics and questions to be asked. Just before 1030am we went up to the LegCo Chambers.

The oral session was with Minister Mr. Ray Harmer and Nick Black CEO from the Department of Infrastructure and also went out live through the Tynwald website.

I felt the session went very well, lots of topics covered and the Minister and the CEO gave very detailed answers.

The oral session finished just after 12noon and after making a few calls I headed up to the Barrool Suite for a Programme of Government workshop. I felt tired and drained after the events of this week, so left the training session early and headed home for 15.00 to take a break and prepare for the evening.

At 18.30 I headed up to Ramsey for the Any Question session being held at Ramsey Town Commissioners in association with the Ramsey Cottage Hospital League of Friends. A fantastic night with lots of questions and an excellent panel, which included Roger Tomlinson, David Talbot, Paul Beckett and me. The evening finished at 21.10 and I was home for 21.40.

Saturday and Sunday also look busy, this morning I will be heading down to the Darts Festival for a few hours before meeting up with Constituents at 13.00.

Tomorrow I might have to go up to Manx Radio before heading down to the Darts Festival for the prize presentation.