The Isle of Man certainly received its fair share of UK and Local media attention this week as BBC Panorama ran two programmes on Sunday and Monday relating to the Offshore Industry in a number of jurisdictions, including the Isle of Man.

The first programme on Sunday didn’t say very much, but the hour long special on Monday evening focused in around VAT payments relating to the registering of jets in the Isle of Man.

Having worked in the industry for over 18 years, I really didn’t actually see any solid evidence showing that the Isle of Man had done anything illegal, and to be perfectly honest the Isle of Man is very a compliant justification – just ask the OECD.

In fact, I would say that the Isle of Man is over-regulated at times and especially compared to other jurisdictions.

There are also two BBC programmes about the Super Rich currently available on BBC iPlayer that I highly recommend, which highlight the position of the UK itself as a tax haven, as well as the huge gap between the very rich and the very poor in our society, which is widening each year.

With no meetings or briefings scheduled on Monday I was able to work from home. It wasn’t a day off though, as I needed to read through a mountain of paperwork, along with several Government reports.

I also needed to continue with my prep work for the forthcoming Committee meetings of the Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee and the Public Accounts Committee. It was a relaxing day but I was happy to finish at 17.15.

It was good to see the Chief Minister make several strong interviews with National and Local Media outlets first thing on Tuesday morning, which was in response to Monday night’s BBC Panorama programme.

Unlike the MTTV interview the previous week, I felt that the Chief Minister looked well briefed and defended the Isle of Man’s position on BBC4 and BBC1 very well.

I still managed to get into the office for 8.20am on Tuesday morning and the first task was to go through several supplementary questions that I will be asking the Health Minister in respect of Meals on Wheels and the ending of a contract with Age Concern.

At 10am I headed down to the House of Keys, which started with a statement from the Chief Minister, along with my emergency question to the Health Minister regarding Meals on Wheels.

In total there were twenty oral questions and five additional written questions.

There was also consideration of a number of Bills, including the Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill 2017, along with the first reading of the Safeguarding Bill 2017.

The House of Keys sitting finished at 12.50 and after doing a quick Manx Radio interview I headed up to the Barrool Suite for a presentation given by representatives from the Isle of Man Insurance Industry.

Once back at my desk I spent the rest of the afternoon starting to print off this month’s Tynwald agenda pack, and drafting several long e-mails.

I left the office at 17.20 and after tea I started to go through my DED agenda pack, which was a considerable size – finally finished for 21.35.

In the office for 8.10am on Wednesday and I only just had time to send a few e-mails before walking over to DED. We started with the usual meeting amongst the Minister and the Political Members before having the fortnightly Department meeting, which finished just after 12 noon.

I managed to grab some lunch and to respond to a couple of correspondence items before having a TT and Festival of Motorcycling briefing, which was an update on the work being undertaken to date.

The meeting finished mid afternoon and the rest of the day was spent catching up with the e-mails and phone calls. I left the office at 17.20 and walked over to the Manx Museum for a meet and greet amongst the Trustees and the Staff Members.

It was an excellent event, which also had a “speed dating” section in which the trustees and staff members had an opportunity to introduce themselves and ask any questions, with each session lasting only 10 minutes.

The event finished at 19.30 and from there I headed straight into Onchan for a presentation given by the Onchan Heritage Trust on the “Curse of the Callows” – which is my family name on my mum’s side.

Finally got home for 21.15 and after sending several e-mails I called it a day at 22.00.

Not sure how best to describe Thursday, I guess it started well and finished badly…..

In the office for 8.15am and given the fact I ran out of time yesterday the first task was to start reading through my Manx National Heritage agenda pack.

Mid morning I had a meeting with two guys that I first met during the Festival of Motorcycling this year. I got the opportunity to show them around the Tynwald Chambers and other offices, along with discussing several new ideas and options in respect of tourism and the motorsport events.

It was an excellent meeting and I fully acknowledge that it is very difficult to get things established in the Isle of Man.

Once the meeting finished I headed down to the Villa Marina for the 2017 Employment and Skills event, where I spoke to so many people and I really did enjoy listening to all the employment opportunities available on the island. The IOM College catering students also provided some excellent food.

I walked back to the office in order to finish off going through my Manx National Heritage Agenda pack before walking over to MNH for today’s meeting.

I had to leave the meeting slightly early at 17.30, in order to get into Onchan for a Live at Home Committee Meeting, which started at 18.00.

It was without doubt one of most difficult meetings I have attended, as the Central Committee of the island’s Live at Home Scheme arrived and informed us that all the local branches were no longer needed as the charity was now being centralised.

This was an extremely difficult decision to accept, especially for those members who have given many, many years of service and dedicated hundreds of hours helping to raise money, which is kept in Onchan.

I got home for 19.30 and there were a few tasks and messages waiting, but I finally finished at 22.45.

An early start on Friday, I dropped off my bag in the office at 8am before walking down to the Claremont Hotel with Tim Crookall, MLC for a business breakfast hosted by Sure Mobile, who was also celebrating ten years on the Isle of Man.

David Ashford, MHK gave an excellent speech as one of the formal guests invited.

Unfortunately, I had to leave slightly early as I needed to be at DED for 10am for a meeting with representatives from the Vintage Motorcycling Club, which stages the very successful Jurby Day during the Festival of Motorcycling.

Back to the office just before lunchtime, which only gave me time to send a couple of pieces of correspondence before my next meeting at 12 noon.

My lunchtime meeting was with an ex-banker who has serious concerns in respect of the direction the Isle of Man is currently going in. I do find it interesting listening to other people’s opinion on the mess left by the previous two governments and what this government needs to do to address these concerns.

Straight after the meeting I headed up to the Barrool Suite for a presentation on the Isle of Man Programme for Government and the National Income data.

Unfortunately, I also had to leave that meeting slightly early in order to walk over to DED for a TT and Festival of Motorcycling briefing with the senior motorsport team, which lasted over 90 minutes.

With time running out, I just managed to send a couple of e-mails before leaving the office at 17.10.

I have a busy weekend with Remembrance events in Onchan on Saturday and Sunday, not forgetting the National service being held in St. John’s on Sunday afternoon.

I will also do a Manx Radio interview on the closure of the SnoozeBox…..