Blog 14 May 17With the weather still sunny, Monday was a straightforward and pleasant day. With my first appointment being in Onchan at 10am, I stayed at home for the first part of the morning to read through my DED Agenda pack.

Just before 10am I headed into Onchan to attend a coffee morning, which I certainly enjoyed, and also gave chance for Constituents to ask questions and give feedback. The RNLI was certainly discussed a couple of times, but in return it gave me an opportunity to provide further information.

I left the coffee morning at around 10.45am in order to head straight up to Manx Radio to do an interview on the eastern housing shared waiting lists, which I have monitored very closely since 2012 on behalf of Onchan tenants.

Finally arrived at the office for 11.30am, which gave me time to respond to a few emails. At 12 noon there was a presentation by the Road Transport Licensing Committee. The presentation finished at 13.20 and with no further meetings scheduled I headed home for the afternoon.

Other than collecting Ellen from the airport, I spent the rest of Monday afternoon and part of the evening reading through the Eastern Plan, along with answering several e-mails received in respect of the call for sites.

Finally called it a day at 20.40.

In the office early on Tuesday as the Isle of Man Government SAVE team gave members an update on its progress at 8am. The meeting finished just after 9am, which enabled me to answer some emails and to prepare for today’s Keys Sitting.

Just before 10am I headed downstairs for today’s sitting, which only lasted around 45 minutes and contained eight oral questions.

Despite the Keys finishing early today there was still lots to do. After clearing out my in-box along with sorting out several Committee meetings, I went up to the Barrool Suite to meet Paul Beckett, one of the MLC Candidates at 12 noon.

I left that meeting slightly early at 12.35 to return some calls to Constituents along with going through some briefing notes. At 13.00 I headed over to DED for a lengthy meeting with officers from the motorsport team as we looked at preparing and drafting a new policy document for consideration.

Back to the office for 15.00 but straight up to the Barrool Suite for a further presentation by the Single Legal Entity Committee, which looked at the future potential structure of the Isle of Man Government.

That meeting finished at 16.00 and the rest of the afternoon involved printing off Board Reports, Agendas, along with making several calls in respect for the Eastern Area Plan.

I left the office at 17.00.

Wednesday was an extremely busy day, it started with more media coverage in respect of the TT logo and enforcing the brand. I arrived at the office for 8.20am in order to listen to the final section of this morning’s Mandate Programme.

At 8.45am I headed over to DED with Martyn Perkins, MHK for a series of political and department meetings scheduled throughout the day. The first meeting was a briefing given by PWC, which finished at 10.40am. Straight after that meeting, there was a DED review meeting involving the Minister, Political Members and the CEO.

The meeting finished at 12.20 and there was a working lunch amongst the Political Members before attending the normal DED Board meeting at 13.20. That meeting finished just after 14.30, which was followed by a further DED Motorsport briefing.

At 15.20 I headed back to the office, but only to collect my keys before driving to Manx Radio to do a further interview on the TT logos and its current policy. Finally got back to the office for 16.00 in order to respond to several e-mails, along with taking the opportunity to have a chat with Dr. Alex Allinson as the MUA Chairman.

Left the office at 17.05 and after tea I drafted a personal statement that will be published online tomorrow, along with answering some e-mails and making several calls to try help someone left homeless, which was extremely difficult but I am so grateful to Graih for their help…..

Called it a day at 22.50.

In the office for 8.10am on Thursday, not a heavy Agenda today so I was able to catch up with a few things. The first task was to start going through the Tynwald Order Paper, along with reviewing the question paper.

I responded to several Constituent matters, including one that related to the level of service provided at the hospital.

At 10.30am a number of MHK’s got together to review and discuss this month’s Tynwald Order, which I do enjoy because it gives us an opportunity to look at the questions being tabled and motions up for discussion.

At 12 noon I headed over to DED for a quick meeting before walking over to Capital International on Circular Road for lunch with the MD and other Directors. It was an excellent lunch, but it gave me an opportunity to catch up with old friends who completed their Institute of Directors Diplomas with me many years ago.

The meeting also gave me an opportunity to listen to genuine concerns from a very successful Isle of Man business.

I got back to the office at 14.30 and the rest of the afternoon was spent looking into the Island’s bank system and how we can obtain better banking facilities on the Isle of Man going forward.

I left the office on 17.00 and I took the opportunity to watch the NW200 in the evening.

In the office for 8.15am on Friday and the first task after grabbing a coffee was to look at the next section on my McGill University Course “Advanced Commonwealth Parliamentary Governance”.

At 10am I drove into Onchan to attend the Onchan Live at Home coffee morning, which I am fully supporting this year. At 11.15am I headed just down the road to meet with a Constituent who is also a TT Marshall, in order to discuss the TT course and several other potential improvements.

I was back at the office for 12 noon and after lunch with Ellen I attended a meeting at 13.00 with regards to an appeal case, which I have been asked to rule on in December.

I was originally asked to make a simple yes or no ruling based solely on the evidence, but unfortunately, there is no such thing as a simple answer under Isle of Man law, it would appear……. extremely disappointed with the outcome.

On the way back to the office I stopped to chat to several M.E Supporters who were in the lobby of Tynwald today. It was a very interesting discussion and I am looking forward to learning more when they give a formal presentation to Tynwald Members next week.

Once back at the office I needed to respond to a full in-box of emails, many of which related to the TT Logo, which is becoming increasingly difficult to sort out and to give clear advice to Isle of Man businesses and charities.

I think in total I spent over two hours on the phone this afternoon trying to sort out TT related issues.

I left the office at 16.00 and after tea I spent a couple of hours reading a draft policy and a number of e-mails before calling it a day at 20.00.

I will be spending a lot of Saturday starting to look at Lord Lisvane’s report, which will probably take several weeks to fully review.

Sunday will definitely be down time.