Blog Dec 16-2I have to start this week’s catch up with an apology.

Unfortunately, my comment midweek about the hours I had worked upset at least one Onchan resident. The reference was made to highlight the fact that the role of an MHK isn’t nine to five. In fact, I would say that the workload for each MHK is very different. Some MHKs will be busy with department duties, others will be busy researching, reading or carrying out constituent work – no two MHKs are the same and neither is their workload at any given time.

Monday was mainly spent catching up and preparing for the monthly department meetings later on during the week. In the morning had a meeting with Rally Isle of Man along with undertaking some Constituency work. In the afternoon I met up a group of Constituents to discuss an ongoing issue, which I am hoping to resolve once and for all.

In the evening all four MHKs from Garff and Onchan met with Onchan District Commissioners to discuss a number of local issues.

Tuesday was the House of Keys, which sat until lunchtime as the Equity Bill went through its second reading. Before the sitting there was a presentation to Bob Allison from Manx Radio who was retiring.

Wednesday started with a meeting to discuss work permits in the hotel industry, this was followed up with DED political meeting with the Minister before the main Department monthly meeting. It normally takes several hours to go through a department agenda pack, write some notes and prepare for the meeting etc. At lunchtime I headed back to Legislative Building to meet the Cruise Welcomers who do an amazing job in welcoming our many Cruise visitors.

Just enough time to send a couple of emails before heading to Onchan Commissioners to have a meeting with the Clerk, DEFA and Mrs Caine (Garff MHK). After the meeting I headed back to the office to prepare for the DHSC monthly meeting and the Select Committee meeting being held on Thursday.

On Thursday I continued to prepare for the Select Committee meeting in the afternoon and for the DHSC monthly meeting. At lunchtime, most MHK’s and MLC’s gathered in the Barrool Suite for three briefings. Straight after the briefings, the Select Committee set up to look at re-instating free Train, and Tram travel sat formally for the first time, and took oral evidence from Carol Quine from the Manx Labour Party.

On Friday I started with preparing for some of meetings scheduled for next week. Just after nine I headed to the old Jane Crookall for the DSHC monthly meeting, which finished around 12.30pm. This gave me a few hours to myself before I headed back to the office for 16.00 in order to draft several e-mails.