Blog Jan 17Any meetings I had for Monday morning had to be rescheduled as the news broke that the Isle of Man was to host the 2017 British National Road Race Championships in June. After attending a DED briefing, I spent most of the morning doing media interviews.

In the afternoon I held a meeting with officers from DHSC and Planning in order to help resolve an ongoing and very long dispute in Onchan. I am confident by bringing the right officers together that the dispute can finally be resolved for everyone concerned.

The rest of Monday was spent going through my DED monthly agenda pack, along with reading through several briefing papers and responding to several e-mails.

In the office for around 8.30 on Tuesday, first task was to print off the January Tynwald Pack – although we do have iPads, which use BoardPad, I still prefer a paper copy for certain things.

At 10.30 a number of MHK’s got together in order to look over January’s Tynwald Order Paper, exchange views, thoughts and to have a general conversation on the items being tabled.

Co-Min and the LibVan already hold these types of meetings to discuss the Order Paper, so why can’t Backbench MHK’s do the same? It was an excellent meeting, but unfortunately I had to leave at 11.40 to attend a meeting with Manx Heritage Trust Representatives.

Back to the Legislative Buildings for 13.00 for a briefing on the Equality Bill, which was very interesting with presentations given by Government and the Chamber of Commerce on behalf of its members. This finished around 14.30.

The rest of Tuesday was spent going through the remainder of my DED Agenda Pack before tomorrow’s meeting and responding to a few e-mails.

On Wednesday I was in the office just before 8am, in order to help a Constituent with an application form and concerns relating to the Disability Discrimination Act 2006, which was a follow-on from a telephone conversation on Tuesday night.

Just after 9am I headed over to the DED offices for a political briefing with the Minister. The Department had its monthly meeting at 10am, and as the agenda paper was relatively short I was back in the office for 11.30am, which gave me sufficient time to catch up with e-mails and messages.

After lunch with a fellow MHK and a local journalist I headed into Onchan for a Constituent meeting re. the meeting I held with planning and DHSC earlier on in the week. The rest of Wednesday and part of the evening was taken up by the Clinical Recommendations Committee (CRC) Agenda Pack, I managed to finish for 20.00.

In the office for 8.30 on Thursday before heading over to DED for a tourism briefing but the focus of attention was the British Road Cycling Championships and some of the logistics facing the island. May and June will certainly be two fantastic months for this island and a major boost for the Tourism and Retail Sectors.

Just before lunch I headed up to the old Jane Crookall for the CRC briefing and update before the meeting started at 12.30. It was an interesting meeting as the Committee was putting together a recommendation report for the Minister and CEO.

The meeting finished just before 15.00 and I headed home. The rest of Thursday and part of the evening was taken up by looking through the Tynwald pack, which contains over 600 pages. Called it a today at around 22.00.

In the office just after 9am on Friday, my first meeting was with the Isle of Man Marshals Association at 10.45am, in order to listen to their concerns, which need to be taken seriously.

At 11.40 I headed over to DED for a meeting with the acting CEO, thereafter I met with the Chairman of Castletown Commissioners for lunch to discuss retail opportunities in the town and a general catch-up.

I headed home at 14.30 and took the rest of the afternoon off to catch up on some personal items.

Saturday and Sunday will be taken up with drafting several e-mails and continuing to go through my Tynwald Order Paper.