Blog 29 Jan 17In the office for 8.15am on a very cold Monday morning and after printing off several agenda packs for Tuesday I sent various e-mails and made several calls with regard to Dr. Allinson’s Private Member’s Bill. I also sent an e-mail to the DOI with regard to the state of the roads in and around parts of Onchan.

I also drafted a Motion that will go before Tynwald Court in March, but it might now be on hold as I try to bring it directly through the department first. Just before 10am I headed to Athol Street to meet an old boss and an Isle of Man resident looking to develop a stronger foothold in Biomed and Wellbeing fields on the island.

Back to the office for 11am for a meeting to discuss tourism accommodation on the island and individual concerns relating to the department’s new website. Lunch with several MHK colleagues and after lunch I went through the Keys Order Paper along with a Committee Agenda Pack. I also tried to help a Constituent who had serious health problems and was without heating and hot water.

In the office on Tuesday for 8.30am and the first task was to continue to help the Constituent who had been without proper heating and hot water for three days. A couple of phone calls to the DHSC and the matter got resolved during the course of the day – thank you.

I am sure that when I look back in five years, Tuesday 24th January 2017 will be seen as a very special day. Not because of any vote, but because of the warmth and the passion of the speeches delivered in the House of Keys in respect of Dr. Allinson’s Private Member’s Bill on updating the island’s Abortion Law.

I don’t believe I have ever sat so silent and just listened to the arguments for and against such an emotive topic. Even though the public gallery was full, you could have heard a pin drop as Dr. Allinson delivered his opening remarks – so proud just to have been in the chamber on Tuesday.

Before the House of Keys sitting on Tuesday, I headed outside to say hello to around 20 protesters standing outside in the pouring rain. The weather was horrible and cold, so I went inside and made them all a cup of coffee, which was gratefully received.

At 9.55am I headed down to the Keys Chamber – it was certainly the longest sitting so far and it finished around 13.15. No time to sit around as we headed straight upstairs to the Barool Suite for a presentation on the E-gaming Sector.

At 14.30 we left the briefing to attend the Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee, which finished at around 16.10. Just enough time to send a few e-mail before heading home at 17.30. After tea I went through the DED Agenda pack and a briefing paper, managed to finish for around 22.10.

Got into the office for 8.20am on Wednesday, I started the day by reading several correspondence items in preparation for attending a briefing with the DHSC Minister later on in the day. Just after 9am I headed over to DED for the Minister and Political Members’ briefing. At 10am the DED monthly board meeting was held and it included a Biomed presentation. The meeting finished just before 13.00, at which time I also had a separate briefing on a local sporting event.

At 13.20 I headed bank to the legislation building to collect my car keys before going up to the Jane Crookall for a meeting with the DHSC Minister. The meeting finished at 14.20 and I headed home to change out of my suit. I headed back to the office at 15.10 to undertake a project, which I finished at 17.25.

Thursday started with a general catch-up and clearing out of e-mails etc. At 9.40am I headed over to DED for an informal meeting with hotel representatives who wanted to highlight several concerns before the season started. I headed back to the Legislation Building for 11.40am to catch up with several e-mails and printed off a large Public Accounts Committee Agenda Pack before heading home for the afternoon. After completing a few personal tasks, I spent the afternoon and most of the evening going through the PAC agenda pack. Finally got finished for around 22.30.

In the office for 8.30am on Friday, the first task of day was to draft and send out 44 letters, in order to give some Onchan Residents an update on an election promise from September.

Unfortunately, this meant I missed one appointment during the morning. I also needed to help a Constituent who had serious damp issues in her home. Despite making several calls there wasn’t much I could do as it was a private rental. My advice was to find an alternative property for the same rent, the local estate agents are now helping her.

At 14.00 I attended to the Public Accounts Committee, which finished around 16.10. Straight back to the office to send a few e-mails before heading home at 17.10. Friday evening Ellen and I attended the MGP Annual Dinner, which was a fantastic night with excellent food and company.

My task for the weekend is to read through the Moneyval report before a Government briefing on Monday.