Blog 30 Aug 17Last Saturday was spent at the Grandstand escorting His Excellency, the Lieutenant Governor at the first Classic TT race, which was a fantastic experience and completely different from the TT in June.

We arrived at the Grandstand for 9.30am, which gave Ellen and me time to have some breakfast and to catch up with the Chief Minister and the Minister for Home of Affairs and other guests.

At 11.08am we waited on the tarmac for His Excellency and Lady Gozney to arrive before proceeding to meet with some of the Scouts and Marshals on duty.

After the National Anthems we headed to the Start for the first of two races, and the noise of the machines was unbelievable – I really did enjoy the sounds and smells of the TT Classics.

It was an excellent day, but I was glad to get home for 17.50.

Monday was a bank holiday but I still needed to head up to the Grandstand for today’s race programme. I arrived for 9.15am but after several delays to the race schedule the programme was cancelled and transferred over to Tuesday.

Although it felt like a wasted day, it actually was a great opportunity to speak to numerous stakeholders, visitors and Government officials, in order to fully understand their experiences and thoughts relating to this year’s Festival of Motorcycling.

I headed home for 14.00 and was able to take the rest of the day off……. that said I still had to cancel several meetings scheduled for tomorrow, along with responding to any e-mails.

With Monday’s race programme cancelled and transferred to Tuesday, I spent most of the day at the Grandstand once again. Tim Crookall, MLC and I had several meetings in and around the Grandstand with various parties or stakeholders, including the Mike Hailwood Foundation who had made an appeal on social media for people to use their facilities as all funds raised help injured riders.

At 11.30am I met His Excellency, the Lieutenant Governor who was on his own today and after speaking to the Scouts and Marshals etc we headed over to the Start line for two more races.

I left the Grandstand at 16.30 and once home I needed to catch up with e-mails, messages and phone calls, but I still managed to finish for around 20.15.

Wednesday felt like a day off, no suit needed today so I was able to relax and enjoy more of the Festival of Motorcycling at the MGP. I headed in to the office for 8am to sort out a couple of administration issues before driving up to Noble’s Park for today’s racing as a guest of the Manx Grand Prix club.

Tim Crookall, MLC and I continued to meet up with various stall holders, visitors, press and officials, in order to build up a clear picture of the issues relating to the TT and the Motorcycle Festival.

I had to leave the racing slightly early at 14.40 and once home I spent a couple of hours catching up with e-mails and messages, along with some personal tasks.

I receive many items of post in this role for which I am grateful, but today I received a letter from a Constituent who was unhappy with some of my comments relating to prescription charges, which was fair criticism but some of the comments posted by an individual last week on social media had certainly distorted the truth somewhat.

Unfortunately, the Constituent wasn’t in the phone book, so I took the opportunity to call around their house after tea because I didn’t want the correspondence to go unanswered.

I felt it was a good initial meeting, which gave me an opportunity to answer some of their concerns but a longer meeting will be scheduled for September.

I finally finished catching up with things at 20.45.

I took Thursday and Friday off to catch up on some personal time – more details to be posted next week…