Blog Dec 16-3After a much needed Christmas break and a fantastic trip to Manchester for three days, I came back to work this week a day earlier than I had scheduled, in order to answer questions and concerns relating to DED’s trademarks and the disagreement with Bushy’s.

Part of my election promises was not to shy away from difficult questions and to be open, transparent and honest at all times, at the same time ensuring that I am representing the best interests of Onchan and this island over the next five years – without fear or favour.

The step up from the Business Sector into Local Government and then into National Government is massive. As new MHKs you are expected to preform at the highest level with automatic ease, but the reality is somewhat different.

I certainly believe that all new MHKs should receive some form of media training once they have been elected – after all they National Politicians serving this island.

As MHKs you attend numerous meetings, briefings and events every day and hundreds of items are discussed and decisions made. The lesson learned this week was never underestimate the decisions being made, especially when they appear straightforward and simple on the surface. It’s not business, it’s politics and every decision made has potential consequences down the line.

Wednesday was completely taken up by the trademark concerns, I had several meetings, briefings and interviews – not to mention numerous calls with related parties.

Thursday started with a monthly DED team briefing before holding a meeting with representatives from Bushy’s, which was a very proactive and I am glad that this matter has now been resolved.

Thursday afternoon I headed down to Ramsey Grammar School with Martyn Perkins, MHK, for the Junior Achievement – Dragons’ Den presentations. Seven teams pitched their business ideas to the Dragons.

It was a fantastic afternoon and the students certainly stepped up to the mark with business ideas, prototypes, websites, raising funds and presenting their pitches.

Got back to the office just after 4pm and then spent the rest of Thursday until 10pm going through my DHSC monthly agenda pack and writing several notes.

In the office just after 8am on Friday and I had just enough time to send a few e-mails before heading over to the Jane Crookall for the DHSC monthly meeting.

It was certainly a long meeting that started at 9.30am and finished around 3.15pm with a fantastic presentation towards the end, which is exciting and I’m certainly looking forward to the project coming online.

Back to the office until 5pm but I will be trying to catch up with e-mails and phone calls this weekend, so apologies if anyone is waiting for a response.

Looking forward to Monday – very excited, so watch this space…