manx radio interviewBut Rob Callister thinks it’s unlikely his constituency would be given an additional politician

Onchan could be expanded if new proposals are given the go-ahead.

MHK Rob Callister says he wants to ‘bring all of Onchan back together’ and reclaim parts of the parish that were lost to Garff and Douglas North.

The Electoral Commission has spent the past year reviewing the way general elections are carried out, but his constituency doesn’t feature among the recommended boundary shifts.

Data from the 2021 Census shows there are just over 9,000 residents living in Onchan, and election boundaries are calculated based on an average population per constituency and gives up to ±15 percent leeway.

Onchan has 9,036 residents which puts the constituency at 29 percent above the average, but not all of these are eligible to vote.

Only 5,639 of that figure are aged 16 and older, which would enable them to vote.

But losing parts of the parish to boundary changes is something he says residents remain dissatisfied with: