As I mentioned in my 2016 Election Manifesto, each Tynwald Member is entitled to be paid an annual sum to cover any out of pocket expenses when representing or carrying out their duties / functions on behalf of Constituents and this island.

The sum currently stands at £7,012.64 (paid monthly £584.39) and there is no requirement to produce receipts.

These expenses should not be confused with the “Off-Island travel costs” that Tynwald Members can claim back providing it relates to any Parliamentary and Governmental business off the Island.

Details of those payments can be found:

I am happy to confirm to Constituents that I haven’t made any claims in 2017/18 under that scheme, but I have used some of my monthly expenses towards some off island travel where possible….

As I mentioned last year, I do not have a Government Mobile Phone Contract for various reasons and my personal mobile phone is used mainly for business.

Please note there are no rules with regards to Tynwald Members’ Expenses, so it is down to me to consider what costs should or shouldn’t be considered as an “Expense”………

MHK Expenses – Rob Callister MHK (24th September 2017 to 23rd September 2018)

£600.00 – Hire Charges, Onchan Community Centre (Monthly Political Surgeries)
£238.02 – Statutory and Stamps
£753.42 – Manx Telecom – Mobile Phone Contract
£241.75 – Car Hire for the Association of Independent Museums Conference (Jun 18)
£97.00 – Printing Costs
£22.00 – Petrol Car Hire for the AIM Conference (Jun 18)
£1,050.00 – New Website –
£1,100.00 – Backdating, Maintenance and updating of Website
£348.99 – Government Car Parking Charges
£137.92 – Christmas Cards
£560.00 – Clothing (2 New Suits & Shirts etc)
£605.00 – Professional Fees & Membership
£215.00 – Small Donations etc

Total; £5,969.10